Best Bowie Knife

Best bowie knife

The Bowie knife has been around for about two centuries. However, do you know how to choose the right one for hunting, self-protection, and survival?

While the historical backdrop of this fighting knife, sketched by James Black for Jim Bowie in 1830, has golden points of interest; one thing is for sure - it is highly valued for its cutting power and quality.

From the history since the 18th century, the Bowie knife has been flexible. It has been shown to be long enough to be used as a knife and sufficiently sharp to be used as a razor. It was also wide enough to be used as a rudder and sufficiently substantial to replace an ax.

You will understand that a Bowie knife is one of the most adaptable devices in your collection. It can be used as a survival knife for covering, slicing, shredding small wood, chopping seedlings and making traps.

It can also be helpful in chasing devices, separating things, and protecting one. It can also be used locally, from cooking to cleaning shrubs to chopping small branches.

With these reasons, below find the ten best bowie knives.


​Product Name

​Blade Material

​Blade Length


MOSSY OAK Bowie Knife with Leather Sheath

​stainles steel


TIMBER RATTLER Hardwood Fixed SINFUL SPIKED Sawback Combat BOWIE Knife + Sheath! + free eBook by ProTactical'US

​hardened steel

9 1/2"

NES-COL-05 10 inch Handmade Damascus Knife-Decorative Knives, Camping Survival Knife, and Hunting Knife with Leather Sheath

​Damascus steel


SOG Specialty Knives & Tools S1T-L Bowie 2.0 Knife with Straight Edge Fixed 6.4-Inch AUS-8 Steel Blade and Leather Washer Handle, Black TiNi Finish




​Stainless steel


MOSSY OAK 2-pieces Bowie Knife Fixed Blade Hunting Knives with Leather Handle



Winchester 22-41206 Large Bowie Knife (8.57-Inch)

​surgical stainless steel


Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie Fixed Blade Knife

​Cro-Van carbon steel


Night Stalkers Marine Force Recon Hunting Outdoor Survivors Bowie Sawback Knife 17 Inches Black

​440 Stainless Steel


Schrade SCHF45 Leroy 16.5in Stainless Steel Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife with 10.4in Bowie Blade and TPE Handle for Outdoor Survival Camping and Everyday Carry

​reliable 8Cr13MoV Titanium


10 Best Bowie Knives Reviews & Buyer's Guide

​1. MOSSY OAK Bowie Knife with Leather Sheath

MOSSY OAK Bowie Knife with Leather Sheath

We regularly use our lifelong commitment to work and develop better ways to share our interests and capabilities. From the earth to wildlife products to the cultivation of open-air lifestyles - MOSSY OAK is all about being outside.

Another exceptionally sensible Bowie knife will also be an extraordinary choice for anyone looking for something high-caliber on a tight spending plan.

At the expense, you cannot go out bad, and the wrong bone grip looks like real bone. The blade came very sharp, and the knife has lifted. If you take it out of the casing, you know you have a real knife in your hand

The 14-inch long knife comes with a solid and sharply cut sharp blade that can be processed directly from the box. For the handle, you also get an exemplary outline, which is made of real rosewood and offers a pleasant and non-slip grip.

It is also a major adaptable knife that will be fantastic for anything from hunting, survival and strategic application, making it the ​bowie knife for the cash.

When you buy this sensible Bowie knife, you also get an honest to good calfskin coat with a waistband for easy and safe feeding.

What we like

✔️ Equipped with strong finger-furrowed wood with metal cross protect

✔️ Full Tang construction provides fantastic cutting quality

✔️ Fancy composed, strong   handle provides pleasant grip, non-slip to use

✔️ Blade with razor-sharp buckles for lasting solidity with edge care and consumption resistance

✔️ Original cowhide leather sheath with snap closure for protected and easy carrying

What we didn't like

🚫 Not the best complement on the Bronze Areas

2. Timber Rattler Sinful Spiked Bowie Knife

TIMBER RATTLER Hardwood Fixed SINFUL SPIKED Sawback Combat BOWIE Knife + Sheath! + free eBook by ProTactical'US

If you are looking for a Bowie knife authority looking for a stylish engaging and economical, here is an exceptional alternative for you. In addition, although it is one of the cheapest on our rundown, it is still a significant brilliant bowie knife.

The blade winds a little from the handle. The finger forests are too wide for any ordinary hand and do not fit comfortably in your fingers.

This great knife features an 11-3 / 8 hardened steel blade, which is one of the longest Bowie knife measurements and will provide a significant amount of cutting force.

A solid knife with a grip knife comes with an extremely enticing dark hardwood handle and a metal-plated watch, which are joined together to give the whole thing an extraordinary look.

That is the way that great this knife is! In addition, there are finger guards that guarantee that you will not hurt yourself when working with the dangerously sharp blade.

The handle is said to provide unsurpassed comfort with finger furrows all around to provide a comfortable grip. The cord opening ensures a smooth transport and guarantees that it is not lost.

This knife is additionally supplied with a certifiable cowhide sheath for a cheap capacity.

What we like

✔️ Relatively reasonable

✔️ Robust and stable grip

✔️ Genuine calf leather sheath

✔️ Beautiful hardwood handle

✔️Attractive metal coated monitor

What we didn't like

🚫 No sharp blade

3. NES-COL-05 Nescole 10 inch Fixed Blade Bowie Knife

NES-COL-05 10 inch Handmade Damascus Knife-Decorative Knives, Camping Survival Knife, and Hunting Knife with Leather Sheath

The Nescole Bowie knife was made by hand to get the interesting 4-inch blade with an exceptional hand-cut paka wooden handle. This knife is made of amazing Damascus steel and does not rust with due care.

This little Bowie knife is the ideal camping knife and a hunting knife. It's the best knife for every seeker, camper, survivalist or non-game fanatics so that you can make the most of your experience.

The perfect Bushcraft, Camping Survival Knife for most of your toughest outdoor activities. This survival knife gives you an advantage with the aim that you can win in opposition to the wild outside.

Expand your collection with this beautifully sculpted, high-quality Damascus Bowie knife, which will surely impress with its handcrafted layers of premium steel and hand-crafted wooden handles. It is the ideal extension for any obvious knife authority.

The remarkable and unusual Paka wood handle is a high-quality quality for the most extreme comfort and is, therefore, the ideal knife for most of your external needs. The color of the handle may change as each piece of wood is different and shifts.

What we like

✔️ Hand-cut wood and bone handle

✔️ Ergonomic and easy grip plan

✔️ Robust premium steel blade

✔️ Genuine calf leather sheath

What we didn't like

🚫 The blade is too small and not very useful

4. SOG Tech Bowie Fixed Blade S10B-K

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools S1T-L Bowie 2.0 Knife with Straight Edge Fixed 6.4-Inch AUS-8 Steel Blade and Leather Washer Handle, Black TiNi Finish

The SOG Special Knife and Tool S1T-L Bowie 2.0 is a unique knife based on the first study and observation group knives subtly manufactured and used as part of the Vietnam War by the Fifth Special Forces and other world-class officers. This knife has become a high-quality working knife, using current innovations and materials.

Made from AUS-8 steel with a tantalizing dark TiNi complete case, the 6.4-inch blade has a rounded, rounded shape that allows for a faster and deeper cut when added, effortlessly hauls and makes any task a punchy whole. The ergonomically designed and highly adjustable handle features a dark-colored epoxy skin-filled calfskin washer for a distinctive look and fit.

​The blade has a loop-gap, a cowhide cord and a dark calfskin scabbard with snap closure and a waistband connection to keep the Bowie 2.0 safe and secure in your area. Use the included honing stone to beat the blade after wear flawlessly. This knife has a general a blade thickness of 0.24 inches, length of 11 inches, and a weight of 11.2 ounces.

The SOG special knife and tool S1T-L Bowie 2.0 knife with a 6.4-inch steel blade with the straight edge is equipped with a limited lifetime warranty, which prevents breakage during assembly and materials.

​Each SOG article is created with the help of the organization author and chief designer Spencer Frazer. Known for their uncompromising style and execution, these grand pianos and grandstands boast progress, steadfastness and an extraordinary, modern style that has earned accolades and recognition around the world.

SOG   has also received support in implementing laws, military and mechanical customers who depend on their devices to function perfectly under the toughest and most unfriendly conditions.

What we like

✔️ The long-lasting hard-shell cover made of dark Tiain ensures a long-lasting blade

✔️ Easy-grip Kraton rubber grip

✔️ The black handle is made of glass fiber reinforced nylon and thus fits securely in your grip

What we didn't like

🚫 Relatively expensive knife



The moon knives are made from first-class, brilliant materials and ensure a long service life. Increase blades for seekers, travelers, and individuals who want to use the simple best knife for consistent.

These blades remain sharp as extremely sharp steel. Idealize gift! The unique nature of our fine blades and the rich history of treated steel make our beautifully outlined and top-notch cuts a perfect gift. Step out of all the platitude gifts and leave a feeling that will never be overlooked.

External beautician is not only in the design of the blade; handle as well as in the article shading. In addition to the usefulness of the use, this knife also reveals the identity of the customer so that you can set it up for yourself, or it can also be a fantastic thought for HALLOWEEN or CHRISTMASS gift, which is small but exceptionally accommodating and a la mode,

The extraordinary idea of our beautiful blades and the rich history of treated steel make our beautifully planned, excellent blades an impeccable gift.

What we like

✔️ High quality, solid and robust blade

✔️ Safe and easy to convey

✔️ The sensitive estimate for the use of benefits and accommodation

✔️ Smooth appearance outdoors

What we didn't like

🚫 Massive

6. MOSSY OAK 2-pieces- Fixed Blade Bowie Knife

MOSSY OAK 2-pieces Bowie Knife Fixed Blade Hunting Knives with Leather Handle

Grandway 024 ACWP is a sedentary Blade Bowie knife. The obvious highlights of the knife, such as the watch, cut-point, and throat, which are not needed for the Puukko, were framed on the Empire of the Russian Empire. Bowie Knife or Shiv was especially mainstream with criminal packs of expansive urban communities.

This is an expansive knife with a straight mirror cleaned blade and clasp of 440C steel.

440C is erosion-proof chrome steel made in the US known for its high durability, quality, and hardness. To guarantee the transverse rigidity, the blade becomes fuller and has a false edge.

The handle of the knife has an ergonomic shape and is made of rosewood, has an oval cross-section and a metal button. The wood used as part of the handle was pre-treated and resistant to moisture, rot, and vermin.

The handle has an opening for the sword binding. The sword bundle allows you to clear your fingers without taking the knife out of your hand.

Solid and durable nylon sheath comes with this knife.

Such a variety of Finnish knife could be the best gift for birthday parties, men day, any date or event to influence decently to your father, father, siblings, co-workers, young men, and people.

What we like

✔️ Excellent hardness setting and erosion prevention guarantee safe work without lifting

✔️ Hunting knife with cutting blade and ordinary wooden handle provide better control in use than any other purpose

✔️ Large utility knife for everything

✔️ Comes with a free sleeve

What we didn't like

🚫 The grip is not that tempting

7. Winchester 22-41206 Large Bowie Knife

Winchester 22-41206 Large Bowie Knife (8.57-Inch)

Winchester's big bowie knife is another knife worth your money.

The shape and style of the Winchester Bowie Knife reflect the typical Bowie configuration, including a blade tip lowers than the backbone of the blade to tighten the tip, and a curved edge near the point for exfoliating the skin from a dead body.

A point near the handle can be used as an initial honing step to strip wires or ribbons and to repair rope or nets.

It contains an 8.57-inch blade of carefully treated steel that is designed to offer and provide the best level of finish. The outline and the size of the blade are two things that no buyer goes unnoticed. It is fully equipped with sturdy and pleasant finger wood, which is fitted with a metal cross monitor to keep it pristine for a very long time.

Its solid grip construction is the in-thing, making it one of the most reliable blades available. The clear grip means unsurpassed quality and unsurpassed reliability.

What we like

✔️ Its size of 14.25 with a blade size of 8.75 inches and an overall weight of 14-4 ounces makes it very helpful

✔️ Its hardened steel blade makes it very solid

✔️ It has a complete tongue construction; obviously, you realize what that means

What we didn't like

🚫 The wooden handle is made of pine, which is not exactly tempting

8. Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie Fixed Blade Knife

Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie Fixed Blade Knife

Next, I crown KA-BASR with the title of ​great bowie knife available. They have been making blades since 1898, and each knife is undergoing our special assembly procedures and tests to guarantee erosion resistance, quality, and edge holding ability and a dangerously sharp front line in front of the box.

This knife whips all other hands! If it is overwhelmingly high positive and fantastically remarkable positive surveys on Amazon are something to miss, that is an issue you should have. With a temptingly appealing outline, you would not be rebuked for starting to look at this knife with all eyes.

Ideal for giving gifts, praising a military commemorative or retirement or to serve your pride in the USA. The KA-BAR knife contains a gilded metal monitor and button. Made of extreme 1095 cro-van steel, the blade of this knife is strong and sharp.

Hard, rough and solid. This cowhide sheath will not break like its plastic partners. Not only does it feel and look great, but this scabbard also keeps the blade of your KA-BAR knife safe and sharp.

Its 100% cowhide sheath makes it very protected to wear while the Cro-Van steel used as part of the construction makes it very strong.

What we like

✔️ Its cro-van steel construction makes it very sturdy

✔️ The size makes it very versatile

✔️ Awesome design

What we didn't like

🚫 Not a strong knife

9. Night Stalkers Marine Force Recon Hunting Outdoor Survivors Bowie Sawback Knife

Night Stalkers Marine Force Recon Hunting Outdoor Survivors Bowie Sawback Knife 17 Inches Black

The eighth position goes to the Bowie Knife of the Night Stalkers, which is far from your standard knife. As the name implies, this is an immortal weapon designed for survival and strategic engagement.

Advise yourself if you use your skills with this knife vigorously, since not everything is a toy! The blade is made of the best 440 steel and offers an incomparable hardness and unsurpassed execution.

The Survivors Bowie has been glued to a super razor blade edge to keep you alive in the most desperate conditions. Your best chances of survival are usually right with your knife and this dark problem between your ears.

​Choose the Armory Replicas bowie Knife that can be applied as a knife,  saw, ax lance and much more. The large grip provides plenty of grip on the noble gemstone on the huge elastic body.

Keep your hands safely away from the dangerously sharp blade by using the extensive S-shaped hand guard made of dark anodized 440 hardened steel. The huge Barracuda shaped blade also contains a completely dark anodized oval with strategic pattern openings. Included in delivery is a thick nylon sheath with the waistband.

The cover contains two overlapping seams and steel bolts that hold them together. Stiff nylon is a great way to attach or pack the blade with true composure on the belt.

What we like

✔️ It shows razor sharpness

✔️ It comes with a rope opening for easy carriage

✔️ The jewel-finished elastic makes it beneficial for use

✔️ It has a waistband for easy connection with the belly

What we didn't like

🚫 The handle wobbles a bit

10. Schrade SCHF45 Leroy 16.5in Stainless Steel Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade SCHF45 Leroy 16.5in Stainless Steel Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife with 10.4in Bowie Blade and TPE Handle for Outdoor Survival Camping and Everyday Carry

Schrade is a name we know or have discovered as a whole. Schrade is proud to produce reliable blades that are ideal for every single open-air experience. Whether you are climbing, outdoor, bush crafting, or another exercise, Schrade is the solid companion you need.

This knife is coated with titanium to facilitate the execution. It makes use of abnormal carbon and treated steel blend for the blade.

As already mentioned, carbon steel has its particular advantages, while hardened steel also has its advantages. Right now, think of a mix of both on a blade, is not it extraordinary?

This knife is great by that means! There are also finger guards to make sure you do not hurt yourself while working with his sharply cut sharp blade.

​The TPE handle provides unsurpassed comfort with all around finger sections for a comfortable grip. The cord opening makes carrying a breeze and guarantees that it does not lose effortlessly.

What we like

✔️ It comes with a nylon fiber sleeve

✔️ Quick and easy access with the beneficial dark thermoplastic belt sheath

✔️ Its blade length of 10.35 makes it very beneficial

✔️ The weight makes it easy to use

What we didn't like

🚫 The blade is slightly dull due to the mixture of carbon and hardened steel

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Bowie Knife For The Money

Before we finish, let me show you some of the variables you should consider before buying any of these Bowie Blades

The blade materials

Your Bowie knife is at eye level with the blade used. To be honest, the material used on the blade could mean the difference that you rub for more than 30 years with a single knife, and you get only a single seven-day stretch of unadulterated disappointment.

There are a few materials that can be used to make Bowie blades, the well-known being hardened steel and carbon steel.

As the name implies, blades made of hardened steel are not colored. However, if you need a knife that can be smoothly sanded, choose carbon steel, which is a bit expensive but, tends to rust.

The blade shape

The shape of the blade marks the part that is to be played by any Bowie knife. That is why blades are used for cutting, while others are best for cutting, cleaning, and hacking. The difference is in the condition of the blade. The blade plans include the celebrated intersection, sheep's foot, knife focus, and spit focus on some others. With this in mind, if you use your Bowie knife for one of these companies, you need to select the most appropriate blade shape.

The tang

The Tang is the area that comes to grips when you hold your knife (just in case you had no idea). We have a few tang plans, such as the firm grip, the incomplete tang, and the tail of the rodent. Depending on the task you intend to subject your knife to, the fishing configuration should be carefully monitored.

To stop it, a firm grip is the best as it gives the most significant help and makes your knife firm, half a smell is like that - and the tail of the rodent's tail is nasty, as it renders your knife powerless!

The handle

Although the overwhelming majority neglects this factor, I would take the opportunity to point out that it is a substantial angle that you entirely must observe. If you work best with your knife, you can guarantee that it provides a decent grip for sufficient comfort and unfathomable experience.

​Of course, when using a knife, the handle is the central part that is exposed to your body. This means, if it is awkward, you cannot use the knife for long.

The sheath

A bowie knife is never complete without the sheath; this is an unwritten administration for every Bowie, knife lover. The material used in the development of your shell is essential. Therefore, you guarantee that you will get a knife that has an incredible sheath, if not more remarkable. In that sense, you can help carry your knife.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ)

a) What makes a bowie knife a bowie knife?

It is referred to as a bowie knife because of its large fixed-blade with a clip-point at the end of the bland. Bowie knife also has a handguard to keep your hands protected against blisters.

b) Is a bowie knife can be used as a hunting knife?

The Bowie knife is designed the same way as the hunting knife that can be used in butchering or skinning game. Most knives designed for hunting are sharpened only on the edge. This is done to reduce the danger of users getting cut.

c) Is it legal to carry or sell a bowie knife?

Bowie knives, switchables, stilettos, balisongs and pocket knives are legal for users over 21 years old to carry. It only becomes illegal if you failed to inform a police officer that you are carrying a concealed knife if it is not a pocket knife.

d) How to properly use a Bowie knife?

The use of a Bowie knife will depend on your needs. It is available in various blade lengths. You can use it in cutting thick brush as well as other materials. Bowie Knife can also be used as a throwing knife.

This type of knife can be used on skinning, cutting into cartilage and joints, and on throwing.

e) Who is the creator of a bowie knife?

The knife was introduced in 1838 by Rezin P. Bowie brother of James Bowie the discoverer of alamo knife. Originally Rezin P. Bowie designed it as a hunting knife and then gave it to James as his protection after his brother had got into a fight.


A Bowie knife is a flexible knife that is perfect for anything from hunting and outdoors to combat, barrier and survival. However, it will only fulfill one of these needs if you choose the best Bowie knife out of the many possibilities.

Considering factors such as the blade and handle material, length, and plan, tang and sheath you should have a less difficult time to get a quality Bowie knife.

In addition, paying little attention to how you want to use the knife, it is also important to keep it spotless and sharp, so it will serve you well for a long time.

If you are looking for a pleasant Bowie knife, do not hurry to pay the sticker price. Do some homework! Given the alternatives above, you can never go out of their way. One of them and take your experience to the next level.