Best Catfish Rod and Reel Combo

best catfish rod and reel combo

This could be unknown to some, catfish is one of the sea creatures that are not easy to catch. They are big, strong and powerful fighters, they grow at a fast rate. If you have plans of catching a big fish like catfish, you will need to bring the right tool. Our catfish rod and reel combo review and buying guide will help you choose the right equipment for your next fishing adventure


​Product Name




Abu Garcia C4-6601 Ambassadeur Round Baitcast Fishing Reel

Abu Garcia C4

4.7 x 4.7 x 2.8 in

320 yards

Ming Yang Black CL60 Baitcast Fishing Reel Muskie Catfish & Saltwater

Ming Yang Black CL60


210 yards

Penn Spinfisher V SSV10500

Penn Spinfisher V & VI

9 x 8 x 6 in

160 yards

KastKing Rover Round Baitcasting Reel - No.1 Highest Rated Conventional Reel - Reinforced Metal Body & Supreme Star Drag - 2016 Newly Released Rover RXA Conventional Saltwater Reel (60Left Handed)

KastKing Rover Round


200 yards

Penn 1338221 Battle II 6000 Spinning Fishing Reel

Penn Battle II

5 x 4 x 3 in

210 yards

Okuma BC-S-802H Battle Spinning Catfish Rod, 8' Length, 2 Piece Rod, Heavy Power

Okuma Battle Cat

66 x 5 x 5 in


Eagle Claw Catclaw Casting Rod, 8' Length. 2Piece Rod, Medium/Heavy Power

Eagle Claw Catclaw

48 x 3.2 x 3.2 in


Rippin Lips Super Cat Casting Rod with Glow Tip, 8-Feet/Heavy

Rippin Lips Super Cat Casting Rod



Ready 2 Fish Catfish Spin Rod and Reel Combo

Ready 2 Fish Catfish Spin

53.6 x 6.2 x 6.6 in


Best Catfish Rod and Reel Combo Reviews

1. Abu Garcia C4-6601 Ambassadeur Round

Abu Garcia C4-6601 Ambassadeur Round Baitcast Fishing Reel

This rod and reel combo is known for its simple design and simple maintenance. It has large reels used in deep jigging or dropping applications and trolling. The smaller size round reels are designed for more traditional anglers for predator and bass fishing.

Abu Garcia has a silky-smooth operation like the traditional rod and reel combo. C4 round reels are durable and designed to last as what the anglers expect to have.

This combo has four stainless steel ball bearings and one roller bearing. It also applies the carbon matrix drag system to provide consistent and smooth drag pressure along the entire drag range.

Other impressive features include compact bent handle and star that provides users a better ergonomic feel. It has six pins centrifugal brake for consistent brake pressure in the cast.

For extreme loads, the rod and reel combo has anti-distortion spool design. The combo has synchronized level wind system for better line lay as well as castability.

2. Ming Yang Black CL60

Ming Yang Black CL60 Baitcast Fishing Reel Muskie Catfish & Saltwater

The Ming Yang Black CL60 Fishing Reel is made of high-quality material that will surely last longer. For sure it is one of the best casting reels in the market today. It performs smoothly and will help you catch some catfish. You can use this baitcast fishing reel both on saltwater and freshwater.

Catfishing lovers love this tool because it has great features that will help them catch a catfish. The build quality is quite impressive with anodized aluminum and stainless steel sides plates. Its bait clicker feature is quite impressive.

It is one-way fishing reel clutch bearings can idle in one direction as it established its gear engagement in the opposite direction. The movement is known as Anti-Reverse bearing once fitted into the fishing reel. 

Ming Yang Black CL60 has anodized aluminum side plates which makes it perfect for saltwater fishing. It makes the fishing reel lightweight, durable and will last longer. This kind of fishing reel is very effective for anglers for calm fishing. Aluminum is a popular material because of its quality and reliability.

3. Penn Spinfisher V & VI

Penn Spinfisher V SSV10500

This fishing reel is also popular in anglers for saltwater fishing. It is available in 11 different useful sizes. To effectively catch the catfish you need to pick the right size that matches its weight. This contributes to optimizing your fishing adventure.

The Penn Spinfisher V Spinning Reel has solid design and consistency. It has a unique watertight design that protects the gearbox and drag system against large saltwater. To protect the drag system, even more, it is sealed using a special drag-washer.  

It is very durable that even if you use it for an extended period it can handle the saltwater without any trouble. This reel is designed like a tank, and its structure is likewise the trademark of Penn Spinifisher V Spinning Reel.

It has metal side plate and Techno-balanced rotor for added consistency. Other impressive features include superfine anodized aluminum spool with unique line capacity rings. The reel has five plus one ball bearings for worry-free fishing. Another essential feature is its drag system, the Scaled HT-100 Slammer. Just like other catfish rod and reel combo it has an anti-reverse system.

4. KastKing Rover Round

KastKing Rover Round Baitcasting Reel - No.1 Highest Rated Conventional Reel - Reinforced Metal Body & Supreme Star Drag - 2016 Newly Released Rover RXA Conventional Saltwater Reel (60Left Handed)

What makes this baitcasting reel unique? It has stainless steel ball bearings for consistent and smooth fishing adventures. The KastKing Rover Round Reel anti-reverse system smoothen the movement, which makes this one of the best baitcasting reels.

To lessen fatigue, the handle has T design and the 3:6:1 gear ratio provides better control on the reel. You will have non-stop power up to 20lb/9kg with its Star Drag System, and its centrifugal braking system gives you a steady pressure. As compared to others, the side plates are made of fortified aluminum.

The KastKing is corrosion-resistant to survive the saltwater. The spool is made of premium quality aluminum and the other parts have been a precision machine for optimum performance.

This catfish combo can be compared to other baitcasting reels when it comes to performance. Anglers also like the steel ball bearings of KastKing Rover and they think it is a good reel for catfish as well as to other fish.

5. Penn Battle II Spinning

Penn 1338221 Battle II 6000 Spinning Fishing Reel

The Penn Battle II spinning reel makes the full washer to be used to drag the reel with ease. The drag washers are made of carbon fiber which makes it durable. This fishing reel can help you get smoother and better pulls. It has six balls bearing reel. Penn Battle II is perfect for fishing in any situation.

The fishing reel is an open face reel in 8 sizes from 1000 up to 8000. It is available in a 2500 size with 2000 body but it has a larger router and spool. The body, side plate and the motor is made of metal which makes it corrosion resistant.

The best thing about this reel shine is that it is a bit brighter as compared to other reels since it applies the anti-corrosion practices. This feature has improved significantly making the product as one of the favorites of many anglers.

This reel has five sealed stainless steel ball bearings which improve the overall durability of the reel when fishing in saltwater. The line capacity rings will help you monitor how much fishing line is there on your reel.

6. Okuma Battle Cat Catfish Spinning Rods

Okuma BC-S-802H Battle Spinning Catfish Rod, 8' Length, 2 Piece Rod, Heavy Power

If you are looking for spinning reels with two-piece blank construction this Okuma Battle Cat Catfish Rods is a good option. It is butted into the handle for a one-piece strength and feels. It has E-glass rod blank design for great power and durability that is rated for casting up to 8-oz of weight. If you want a one-piece feel, simply connect its blade-into-handle connection.

This cat rod has a guide system that includes double foot welded stainless steel guides for great strength. It is equipped with a custom handle system made primarily for big cat anglers. To reduce stress the foregrip is made of EVA with composite cork caps which makes it very comfortable.

It features rod tips covered with fluorescent orange for ease of strike detection at night. Other outstanding features include double foot welded stainless steel guides, non-skid rubber gimbal, graphite pipe reel seat, non-skid rubber gimbal and oversized aluminum hoods.

7. Eagle Claw Catclaw Casting Rod

Eagle Claw Catclaw Casting Rod, 8' Length. 2Piece Rod, Medium/Heavy Power

This is a two-piece rod designed primarily for catfishing. The brand Eagle Claw is known for manufacturing quality spinning reels. The rod is made of ultra-sensitive, strong and durable material. It has medium-heavy eight inches long rod to provide enough power to catch big catfishes.

The Eagle Claw Catclaw two-piece rod for easy carrying and storing it. As compared to other fishing gear this brand is very affordable which makes it the best rod for budget-conscious anglers. To reduce fatigue, the handle is made of EVA foam for better comfort, particularly when dealing with big cats.

The rod is made of 100% fiberglass having a graphite reel seat. The 6 + 1 guides are made of aluminum oxide. The wear and tear of lines are reduced it also improves the anglers casting distance.

The Eagle Claw Casting Rod will help you improve your accuracy, sensitivity and distance. This casting rod 40 reel has a smooth two ball bearing drive, metal cone, graphite body and a strong drag system with pre-spooled monofilament lin

8. Rippin Lips Super Cat Casting Rod

Rippin Lips Super Cat Casting Rod with Glow Tip, 8-Feet/Heavy

This stunning casting rod was designed by fishing expert John Jamison. It is available at 6 various lengths to deal with various types of fish. Rippin Lips Super Cat has durable S-glass blank construction designed specifically for fishing, which makes this rod stronger, lighter and durable as compared to other E-glass counterparts.

It has stainless steel chrome plated guides having ceramic inserts that enable smoother casting. This fishing rod is recommended for fishing at night because of its glow-in-the-dark features, and its EVA grip handles can help tame the toughest catfish. It is the best choice for looking a strong but lightweight catfish rod at a reasonable price.

Rippin Lips Cat Glass are designed on the foundation of optimized E-glass, graphite blanks and S-glass. Provides exceptional fishing performance, year after year. It is the lightest, very strong and sensitive catfish rods you have ever fished. The guide is wrapped with thick epoxy coated.

9. Ready 2 Fish Catfish Spin Rod and Reel Combo

Ready 2 Fish Catfish Spin Rod and Reel Combo

This uniquely designed rod and reel is an excellent choice if you want to go after catfish. It is made specifically for novice anglers, but there is some advanced angler say it is a good choice. Setting up the spinning rod and reel combo is easy.

There are lots of great things about this model that will make it an excellent choice. The rod is made of durable fiberglass, and it is resistant to different actions. The EVA handle is designed for ergonomics, and the reel seat is designed from graphite, which makes it durable and lightweight.

To keep the parts secured and organized the entire package is covered in an ETS closure. There is no need to worry that the tip of the rod may break, or your tackles are missing since everything will be held together.

The package also includes a waterproof kit and has “How to Fish” guide that is tear-resistant. This fishing rod is highly recommended for new anglers.

Factors You Need To Consider When Choosing the ​Best Rod And Reel Combo For Catfish

Catching catfish is not easy at all. But, if you are equipped with the right catfish rod and reel combo catching them is a breeze. There are factors you need to consider in choosing the right tool in fishing.


The ideal length of a catfish rod is between 7 to 9 feet to effectively catch the catfish. You can catch at least one-pound channel cats in a small pond with a fishing gear that is 6-feet long or higher. Some expert anglers are more comfortable using up to 10-feet long rods. 

As compared to traditional freshwater anglers, this is a bit longer. The longer rod you use the better control and casting distance you can reach.

For smaller cats, you can use a shorter end fishing rod. Fisher enthusiasts who aim to catch a bigger catfish prefer a longer rod since they can wield comfortably.


A rod with a good backbone is a reliable one since it can flex as easy as a fishing stick used in catching trout or panfish. A one-pound catfish can force a rod and an unreliable one can break easily. If you have a plan of spending more time fishing, it is best to look for a powerful spinning rod and reel combo.

It is best to choose a medium, heavy or medium-heavy rated rods. For most catfish anglers a medium-heavy rod will work well in catching small catfish and some oversize one.

Keep in mind, there is no standard in labeling the strength of a rod. The medium labeled rod in one manufacturer could be a medium-heavy to other brands.


This factor refers to the flexes degree of a rod under pressure. The slow action rod, for instance, can flex along most of their length. On the other end, the extra-fast action rods can flex only at the tip.

Those that belong in between these two extremes are referred to as fast, medium-fast, medium and others. The choice of action will depend on your personal preference. The majority of the anglers aim at catching large fish and uses heavy weight slow action rods. Anglers whose goal is to catch smaller cats or applies finesse-oriented techniques usually choose faster actions.


Rods are manufactured using different materials like fiberglass, graphite, composite or combination of the two materials. You can choose any them to catch catfish, they only differ in cost and performance.

Fiberglass is the most common material used because it is very durable. Rods made of this material are affordable thus most anglers prefer this material.

Rods made of graphite are stiffer but produces vibrations well that will help in detecting light nibbles. But, it is more costly as compared to fiberglass.

Composite rod and reel combo provide optimal qualities of both materials but it is more expensive.


Fishing rods are available in two types - the spinning rod and baitcasting rod. Both can perform well but spinning gear is better than the other according to new anglers. The baitcasting rods are more useful to more experienced anglers.

The baitcasting rod has a heavier line and lure to aim at bigger catfish. The spinning rods are best for lighter tackle and smaller fish.

Frequently Asked Questions - (FAQ)

a) How can the size of the catfish affect the reel type?

Some catfishes grow up to 50 pounds. This means that you need a rod that can withstand the pressure caused by the fish.

b) How the fishing environment affects the type of reels you use?

In buying a fishing rod you need to consider the type of water where you will do your fishing. The type of water can damage your lines and reel. Saltwater can damage rods that are made of less quality material.

c) What is the best action and power in catching a catfish?

It depends on the kind of fish and how you will do your fishing. It is best to choose a medium or moderate action fishing rod. You can also choose a specialized fishing rod for any type of occasions.

d) Do catfish rod and circle hook matters?

If you are fishing using circle hooks the rod tip matters. A rod with less flex in the tip will not work well with circle hooks. This type of hooks works well when the fishing rod has some flex. A moderate and fast action fishing rod is recommended to most catfishing applications.


Our top pick catfish rod and reel combo are Abu Garcia C4-6601 Ambassadeur Fishing Reel. You can use this fishing rod both in freshwater and in saltwater. It is very durable and it will surely last longer even if you keep it in the water for a period of time. Also, this fishing rod and reel combo can withstand up to 50-pound catfish. You can share your opinions about the products mentioned above by commenting below