Best Color Light For Night Fishing

Best Color Light For Night Fishing

Ordinarily, fishing after the dark is the best experience. This is true regardless of whether you are doing it on a river, the coast or a lake. However, that will not be possible without fishing lights. Having the best color light for night fishing is essential just like using a suitable lure or rod. Luckily, this is an ultimate guide that will highlight all the things you should understand before buying them.

7 Best Color Light For Night Fishing Reviews

1. Lightingsky 12V 10.8W 180 LEDs color fishing light

Lightingsky 12V 10.8W LED Submersible Fishing Light with 5m Cord (White)

This is a fishing light that is submersible. The goodness with this light is that it has three different colors (white, blue or green) that you can vary. Again, it is quite bright thus can draw different fishing depending on the light color you will apply.

Since the LED lights are 5-sided, it will shine in all directions giving you adequate coverage. Its brightness is 900 lumens meaning it is sufficient to attract more fish. Additionally, it can run off an ultra-low battery running up to 50,000 hours on constant use! Despite the fact that this color light can be submerged, we would advise to keep it above 20 foot.

2. The SUPERNIGHT 600 LEDs Light Strip

600 LEDS Light Strip Waterproof, SUPERNIGHT 16.4FT Green LED Rope Lighting Flexible Tape Decorate for Bedroom Boat

Although this is not so much marketed as fishing gear, we have achieved a lot with it. First, it comes with a green color that is known to draw a desirable amount of fish to the line. Another thing that makes this light great is its impressive lifespan.

With a lifespan that is above 50,000 hours, you can use it without worrying whether it might go off. Additionally, it has 600 separate lights (LED) with low temperatures and power consumption rate. Although the self-adhesive strip did not work at some point, its ultra-bright lights and adaptability still amaze.

3. Submersible Underwater Light

12V 120 LED 1000 Lumens Lure Bait Finder 10.5W Night Fishing Finder Crappie Shad Boat LED Submersible Underwater Light

Even before you could test this LED fishing light, you will notice that it is a pack of two. You can attach it to your fishing line and connect your hook at its end. Interestingly, it attracts smaller bait where game fish will feed off making them simpler to catch.

This color light has deep sea ability and can be waterproof even up to 2,100 feet. With that, there is a great chance that you will explore the water and make more catch. More so, you can use the 2 light together or independently. Other than a loose wire we found inside the head, this light is still a superb option.

4. Glow Lion Green LED Underwater Night Fishing Light

Glow Lion Green LED Underwater Night Fishing Lights (Green (2 Packs))

One of the appealing features of this color fishing light is its 300 distinct LED lights. Actually, this is what makes it highly efficient and bright. The huge amount of coverage delivered by the lights each with 10,000 lumens is rare and makes it stand out.

Another remarkable feature is its heavy duty cable that we found to be immune to saltwater. Again, it comes with a 12v battery plus a 60-day guarantee to keep you convinced of the quality. The long green light that it features will draw a variety of fish to your advantage. It may seem tiny but still good for the price.

5. The UBOWAY Outdoor Telescopic fishing light

UBOWAY Outdoor Telescopic Fishing Rod Lamp with IR Remote for Camping, Fishing, Travelling, Party 12V (Standard)

Although it is not an underwater fishing light, it still gives off an awesome spread of light for fishing. It is quite adjustable and can keep the fish drawn near you. The telescopic rod resembles a fishing rod but you should not apply it as one. This is because is because it not well finished to be usable as an actual fishing rod.

With a complete charge, the 12V battery can sustain you between 12-15 hours. This means that can confidently use it overnight without going off. Generally, the light works pretty well. However, you only need to be careful not to submerge it as it is not an underwater fishing light.

6. Green Lantern 12v Led Green Underwater Submersible

Amarine-made 12v 180 LED 10.8W 900 Lumens Lure Bait Finder Night Fishing Boat Submersible Deep Drop Underwater Light Green (Green-A)

The manufacturer of this green Lantern got it right with the powerful light that draws a lot of fish. With 2,000 lumens, its efficiency is guaranteed. In fact, if you have a 12V battery, you will just need to connect readily use it.

Truly, the design for the light keeps its durability high. Additionally, it comes with a 60-day warranty giving you the confidence to spend your money on it. This is a waterproof fishing light that is weighted and can be submerged. We tried out with its LED lights and confirmed that can actually last for 50,000 hours as put. Undoubtedly, this will serve you well. Just be sure to seal it well with silicone glue to make sure it does not leak.

7. Blob Underwater LED Night Fishing Light

Green Blob Underwater 110 Volt AC with 3 Prong Plug, Dock-7500 LED Fish Finding System Light, Bait rig, Fish attractant, Ponds, Fishing Lure (Green)

Indeed, this is one of the brilliant fishing lights on the market. It is sufficiently long and can shine an illumination of 15,000 lumens. This was able to light up all the water below the boat. Do you want to attract even the largest kind of game? Well, with the 300 separate LED lights, this fishing light will do deliver that for you!

Interestingly, it can be plugged in a 110V AC power and operate right away. Apart from this, the light is really long-lasting and completely submersible. Its green lights will illuminate all 360 degrees doing an amazing job of attracting fish. The price might be relatively high but the quality is too good for the price.

The best color light for night fishing buyer's guide

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The lumen rating- This is the measure of the quantity of apparent light emitted by your fishing light. The higher the number means the brighter your light will be. Usually, LED products will deliver a large number of lumens even with a small amount of power consumption.

Brightness- How bright you want your color fishing light to be will rely on some factors. One of them is how clear your water is. Again, if you will attach it onto a hook then you will not require a very bright one. Using a light with a minimum of 800 lumens will attract much fish. That means anything higher than that will raise your chances of drawing in more fish.

Weight- Probably, carrying quite a heavy color light that will weigh you down is not desirable. If you are using a boat, considering how big your light is will help you when storing it. On the other hand, the very buoyant light might not deliver the wanted effect of attracting those fish.

Waterproof- Although near all color fishing lights are made waterproof, it is essential to ensure that this is the case. Undoubtedly, having a fishing light that can easily be affected by water would be absolutely pointless. Actually, there are some lights that will be waterproof up to 2,100 down. Whatever the depth you will be operating, always ensure that your color light is waterproof.


Indeed, the best color fishing lights in this review will give you the value for your money. While selecting them, we took into account the important factors that every angler might need. However, Lightingsky 12V 10.8W 180 LEDs color fishing light tops our list with its 5-sided light. Apart from the fact that it is submersible, the 3-color design captured our attention