Best Crankbait Rod Under 100

Best Crankbait Rod Under 100

Essentially, a single crankbait rod can help you with everything you require when fishing. But must you spend over $100 to get the best crankbait rod? No! That is not mandatory at all. In this review, we shall outline the 7 best crankbait rod under 100. Additionally, we shall put down what you need to know before buying them. Thus, this is an ultimate guide you really need to read before going out to shop.

Best Crankbait Rod Under 100 Reviews

1. Lew's Fishing Tournament Performance TP1

LEW'S FISHING Tournament Performance TP1 Speed Stick Series, Fishing Gear, Fishing Rod, Casting Rod, TP173MH-CB

Our second crankbait rod comes with a Dri-Tac technology. Amazingly, this offers a split grip for easy control and handling in various kinds of weather. From our experience, it is ideal for sending crankbaits to greater distances. Additionally, it mixes its power with an awesome to produce fast action. Apart from its high-quality IM8 graphite, this rod is made great with a premium brand.

Another appealing feature for this rod is the American Tackle Guide system which minimizes wind distractions. By improving the casting precision and length, this feature renders the rod perfect for beginners. Even with the fact that it has a little bit stiff tip, its general performance is great.

2. Ardent Medium Action Cast Rod Denny Brauer Crankbait

Ardent Denny Brauer Crankbait Fishing Rod - 7' 4" - Medium Action - Cork Grips

This medium action rod is specially made to suit any angle to draw the fish. We have tested it on various lakes and for distinct methods and found it quite perfect. Basically, this crankbait rod is made to give a slower action thus enhancing hook by removing friction.

Its cork split handle is one of the best that squarely fits your hand. Notably, this rod is made of high-quality IM8 graphite which gives the feeling we have ever come across. It is a rod that suits users who need a moderate to light action. Although it may appear like a baitcasting reel with finger grips, it remains a great rod.

3. Lew's Fishing David Fritts Perfect Crankbait Speed Stick Series Rod

Lews Fishing David Fritts Perfect Crankbait Speed Stick Series, LDFP70M

This heavy action rod is designed with 42 million glass mixed blanks. One of its highlights is that it provides a great range to select from. Thanks to its lure rating that ranges from 1/4th to 3. The blend of various materials really caught our eyes. We found this quite effective since it applies the appropriate material for each section of the crankbait rod.

The rod has a high-density EVA but caps and stainless steel hooks that are cushioned. Actually, we commend the comfort that this offers. You may want to give it a try and see what we really mean by comfort! You may find other crankbait rods that come in its price range but this remains the best choice.

4. Shimano Sellus crankbait cast rod

 SHIMANO Sellus 7'0" MH Freshwater Casting Fishing Rod

If you are planning to catch bass, this is what we recommend for you. Apart from this particular rod, we realized that you can actually choose other rods in the series. This will still provide worm, spinner bait, Flipping sticks, top water and Jig rods. With its 24-ton carbon, we find this crankbait rod to have a lightweight feel.

Also, the reel seats with optimal make render it really comfortable to manage. With this crankbait rod, the reel seat sometimes unscrews. However, it is a versatile rod that can handle larger fish pretty well and we loved its services.

5. Elite Casting Fishing Rod

 Ugly Stik Elite Casting Rod

With iota of doubt, we can say that this crankbait rod is synonymous with durability and affordability. In fact, it is a very great, decent fishing rod on a budget. We realize that since its introduction in 1976, there have been some great improvements. First, it has become graceful, reliable and more sensitive.

Still, at its heart, is the idea that you can obtain a pretty good rod with some little cash. Compared to the brand’s quite familiar GX2 casting rod, this rod has 35 percent more carbon fiber in it. Truly, the rod is lighter compared to other Ugly Stik models. Nevertheless, the fiberglass and graphite make it strong so it is a nice crankbait rod.

6. Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Fishing Rod

Abu Garcia VENGC70-6 Vengeance Casting Rod, 7 Feet, Medium Heavy Power, 7' - Medium Heavy

Although the name might sound awkward, this is a crank baiting and baitcasting rod we have tested and confirmed. Even with its cost (under 100), this rod still comes with tones of amazing features. These include SS line with titanium oxide inserts, durable EVA split-grip handle and a 24-ton great-modular lightweight blank.

Another notable highlight is that this rod comes in six models ranging from 6′ 6″ - 7′ 6″. This is in medium t heavy power forms for the rod. Interestingly, this will give you a comfortable angling from every situation. Additionally, a hook-keeper that secures your lure or hook is a bonus that you will never want to miss. Rather than its potential to pop out, we can say that this rod is what you need to consider.

7. Falcon Rods HD Casting Rod

 Falcon Rods HD Casting Rod (7-Feet/Medium/Heavy)

You may say that Falcon Rods is a household name but Falcon Rods HD Casting Rod is nice gear. It features 100 percent graphite blanks, original Fuji guides, natural cork handles and Fuji presented blank seats. One of the vital designs that many manufacturers employ today is blank-through seat design.

This allows you to have a direct connection with your rod blank. This, in turn, gives better responsiveness as you fish. This is a feature that caught our eyes in this rod too.With its features, this rod can be employed in varying freshwater and saltwater situations. Even though it just comes in 1-piece models, the rod is among the crankbait rod under $100.

best crankbait rod for the money buyer's guide

Before you buy your crankbait rod, there are some things you need to consider. These are:

Rod action

One of the essential features of a crankbait rod is the taper. This is because it defines the rod action. In turn, the rod action will define its flexibility or stiffness to hook or catch fish. The actions will vary from extra slow to extra fast action. For long casts, slow action rods will the best and vice versa.

The rod length

Usually, crankbait rods will vary from 6.5- 8 feet. If you intend to use your rod for longer casts, buy a longer rod. However, short rods are always more accurate.


A crankbait fishing rod having a thick breadth at its shaft limits the quick action. Ultimately, this will make it a quick action rod.


Normally, reels are powerful when applied at different points that reel with 5:1 or 4:1 ratios. This is to regulate the crankbait and give more strength to crankbait huge fish. Acquire a reel with many lines potential to confront the winds.


Now, there are profoundly technoscientific crankbait rods. With that in mind, you should ensure you purchase the one that best suits your requirements. Subsequently, taking a minute to think of your need before searching for the rod is prudent.

Actually, there are many advantages to choosing a crankbait rod with many specifications. Ordinarily, as your skills advances, the additional features of your rod will help you i.e., you will not buy another rod.


This list of the crankbait rod under 100 is carefully selected after a thorough analysis. However, the Lews Fishing TP173MH-CB wins it. Because of its great backbone and durability, and patented dri-tec technology, it deserves it. The price might be somewhat higher than the rest in the list but it still gives you good action.