Best Fishing Pliers

best fishing pliers

There are quite a number of tools that have been developed for angling and fishing pliers is one of the very beneficial tools. Some fishermen nowadays do not mind about pliers but once they have discovered the significance and benefits of it, they would consider a lot to get it for pleasant angling expedition. The main job for the pliers is to remove hooks from the fish's mouth.

This guide is all about the fishing pliers in the current market. It concentrates on the great features that these pliers have and sense of neutrality also lets you know the cons of these products to help you understand the weaknesses of each product before making the decision to buy.

By reading this guide, you will also understand the major things that every fishing enthusiast needs to know before settling for particular fishing pliers. This an ultimate guide that makes sure you do not fall for fake fishing pliers that get damaged easily or fails to suit your specific fishing needs.


​Product Name

Weight (oz.)



Zitrades Fishing Pliers Aluminum Saltwater Sheath Braid Cutter FP-20 Fish Tool Holder with Lanyard from



Kraken Bass Fishing Pliers - Essential Fishing Gear Accessories Split Ring & Line Cutting Plier. Hook Removal, Light Weight Aluminum, No Rust, Camping, Industrial Grade with Sheath



MadBite Aluminum Fishing Pliers - 7.5




Booms Fishing X1 Fishing Pliers Saltwater Hook Remover with Lanyard and Sheath



BITE Fishing Tackle Professional Aluminum Saltwater Fishing Pliers Blue


​Aircraft-grade aluminum

Piscifun Aluminium Fishing Pliers Hook Remover Braid Cutters Split Ring Pliers 7-1/10Inch, 3 Generation Black



Fiblink Saltwater Fishing Pliers Stainless Aluminum Handles Stainless Steel Jaws Fish Lip Grip Gripper Holder Grabber Line Cutter Super Braided Mono Fluorocarbon Line (Blue)


​CNC-machined Aircraft-grade aluminum

Manley Professional Saltwater Fishing Pliers - 7.5



Top 8 Best Fishing Pliers 2019 Reviews & Buyer's Guide

1. ZITRADES Fishing Pliers

ZITRADES Fishing Pliers

One of the greatest fishing pliers in the market at the moment is ZITRADES Fishing Pliers. It has a gripper that is designed from a long-lasting aluminum with stainless steel jaws, you are sure that this tool will rust easily despite the fishing environment.

Another notable feature of this fishing gear is the exactness sharpened tungsten carbide cutters that are very sharp that they can even slice through the wire steel and the braided line.

The ZITRADES Fishing Pliers is a portable and lightweight gear that is fitted with a lanyard and a pouch that helps you in when carrying as you can hang it on your belt.

This plier is ideal for cutting, pulling, crimping, stripping and removing hooks. It has an additional peculiarity in the form of a skid proof handle thus making it portable in the hands.


  • Since it is sharp and can easily cut through the braided line, the Zitrade pliers can be very useful while fishing
  • It is lightweight and portable thus you can hook it on your belt while working
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    ​The Zitrade pliers is decent and an affordable product


  • When it wet, the handle for this pliers becomes slippery though is suppose to be skidproof
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2. Kraken Bass Fishing Pliers

Kraken Bass Fishing Pliers - Essential Fishing Gear Accessories Split Ring & Line Cutting Plier. Hook Removal, Light Weight Aluminum, No Rust, Camping, Industrial Grade with Sheath

Everyone needs a good pair of pliers for bass fishing. These are some of 
the best pliers to help with everything you need for bass fishing. Bass 
fishing pliers are unique compared to your other sport fish needs. 
Changing out treble hooks with a split ring opener is super helpful. 
Plus, having line cutters that can cut braided line is imperative. In 
addition, an open jaw design will help you grab hooks easier out of a 
fishes mouth. The Kraken Bass Pliers will do all those things. With a 
light weight aluminum non rust design, and lock for the jaws. These 
pliers are super helpful out on the water bass fishing.


  • Sheath & Attachment Cord
  • Lightweight and Durable
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  • Best for Smaller Sized Fish

3. MadBite Lighted Aluminum Fishing Pliers

MadBite Lighted Aluminum Fishing Pliers

The Madbite pliers is a modern model with exceptional and some good features. It has a Light-Emitting Diode (LED) bulb that you can turn on jut with a twist. This is a very significant characteristic which makes it an ideal gear to have with you in case you happen to like fishing at night.

Usually, the fishing pliers are built from stainless steel or aluminum and luckily. The Madbite pliers is made from this too. It is constructed with stainless steel and hard anodized aluminum which are saltwater resistant elements.

​Again, it comes with a sharpened tungsten carbide cutters and a split-ring tool all these can cut through the braided line. The handle is made of a non-slip silicone grip that makes it simple to apply the pliers in saltwater conditions or such that even when your hands are engulfed in fish slime, it does not slip out of your grip. For a fisherman who goes surf fishing, kayak fishing, bank fishing or wade fishing, this strong pliers should not miss in their toolbox.


  • The Light-Emitting Diode bulb that this pliers is helpful to a fisher when fishing at night
  • This pliers does not rust easily in salt water


  • This gear will not last long when applied quite often

4. Booms X1 fishing pliers

Booms X1 fishing pliers

The Booms X1 fishing pliers are so neat. They are perfect for removing hooks and have a curved nose for that reason; they can likewise crimp sleeves and break rings.

Because the line cutters are so sharp, they can cut through all types of lines very easily. The pliers are handy, lightweight, and transportable. People usually like fishing gears that can be carried with ease. Lucky enough, the Booms X1 fishing pliers can be carried around in a toolkit or backpack. Alternatively, it can be fastened to your belt.

In case you are looking for medium duty pliers that is perfect for light fishing such as kayak or saltwater fishing then look no more since Booms X1 aluminum fishing pliers can work excellently.


  • The line cutters are able to excellently cut through the braided line and the curved jaws are best for removing hooks
  • The company that makes this product has great client services
  • clone
    They are portable, lightweight and would not pull you or your toolkit down
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    This pliers is relatively cheap and can give good quality for the cost


  • Since they are medium duty pliers, they just perfect for light fishing, therefore, if you want to pliers for heavy duty work, you will have to look for another type of pliers

5. BITE Professional Aluminum Fishing Pliers

BITE Professional Aluminum Fishing Pliers

The BITE Professional Aluminum Fishing Pliers are crucial gear to have if you are planning to go for a saltwater fishing trip.

The pliers have jaws made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum making them resistant to corrosion, incredibly durable and strong. They come with very sharp tungsten carbide cutters that excellently cut through braided lines quickly and with ease. More so, the cutters are replaceable.

The BITE Professional Aluminum Fishing Pliers are spring filled with a rubber clutch that does not slip out of your palms as you work with them. Additionally, they come with a lanyard and a sheath that can be hooked to your belt as you continue fishing. The company that produces it also pledges a five-year warranty.


  • It is strong, high quality and well-constructed thus is an ideal pliers even for experts
  • It assures a good grip as you remove hooks and in addition to that, the sharp cutters can cut through the braid simply
  • clone
    This is corrosion resistant thus; there is no need to get worried while using it in a saltwater environment
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    The pliers are tough and long-lasting


  • The carabineer clips are manufactured using cheap aluminum that won't last long
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    The pliers are very large thus may not be suitable for fishermen with smaller hands

6. Piscifun Aluminum Fishing Pliers

Piscifun Aluminum Fishing Pliers

The Piscifun pliers are functional gear to boot. They are designed with anodized aluminum and a titanium surfaced stainless steel jaws making them durable, strong and resistant to corrosion.

Another significant feature to note about the Piscifun Aluminum Fishing Pliers is that it is so cheap notwithstanding the quality of components that are used in making it. Some of the elements used to make this gear are aircraft standard aluminum which has outstanding corrosion resistance that helps lengthen its lifespan. It is amazingly durable and strong thanks to its titanium-surfaced Stainless Steel jaws. This Piscifun fishing tool is a one of a kind.

​The line cutters for this tool are designed from tungsten and it is fine enough to slice through the wire and the split ring configuration of the pliers aid to remove hooks quickly. They have a coiled tether, belt loop clasp, and woven nylon sheath. You can choose to hook the pliers on your belt or place them in a toolkit and would not weigh you down.


  • These pliers are so durable and do not rust even in salt water
  • The cutter is quite functional and can slice through braided lines, mono or wires
  • clone
    Has Titanium-Covered Stainless Steel Jaws


  • The tips for these pliers need to be flattened out than is required
  • clone
    The arms are not spring-fitted

7. Fiblink Saltwater Aluminum Fishing pliers

Fiblink Saltwater Aluminum Fishing pliers

This fishing pliers is another ideal tool for fishing, particularly in the saltwater environments. Its frame is made of an aircraft grade aluminum that is anodized so that it becomes resistant to corrosion and rusting thus, it can be used for a long period in saltwater.

The ergonomic design coupling with aluminum handle makes it lightweight therefore offers the user a comfortable hold. The carbide cutter that this pliers has is made from tungsten and can simply be repaired. It cutter can both the wire and the braided fishing lines so nicely. The strength of its jaws is as a result of the titanium coating and the stainless steel elements.

It is quite noting that this tool has the multi-purpose feature. It can simply remove a hook from a hook eye or a lure and it can also cut crimps and the fishing lines.

With the Fiblink aluminum fishing pliers, you can fish either in saltwater or freshwater. It is a light tool that is durable and non-slip as well even when your hands are a bit wet during the fishing process.


  • It is ideal for fishermen who need light but strong fishing pliers. In order to ensure it lasts longer, the material is anodized. This implies that it is corrosion resistant in saltwater
  • This fishing plier will not cause exertion on your hands at all since its layout is so ergonomic to your hands
  • clone
    The replaceable blades are another catchy feature that makes this tool among the best pliers on the market. In case your blades get damaged, you will not have to purchase a new one but just replace them


  • Its blades have the tendency of breaking especially if you are cutting 60-lb mono or a bigger one
  • clone
    Some buyers observe that the screws get loose pretty regularly. Still, you can quickly tighten it with suitable tools

8. Manley Professional Saltwater Fishing Pliers

Manley Professional Saltwater Fishing Pliers

With the spring-loaded design in the handle, this pliers can easily remove any kind of small hooks. In case its exposed to saltwater for a long time, it cannot get rust due to the surface coating making it durable.

The cutter for this fishing plier has been designed using tungsten carbide element that can easily cut the braided line. In addition, a free lanyard and sheath have been added to the fishing pliers. Because of this, it can easily carry it anywhere without the risk of misplacing any part.

The equal amount of both steel and aluminum renders this fishing pliers a nice and a strong tool. The free holster and lanyard make the toolset simple to attach to your belt or clothing.

This will not present you the less risk of missing parts as well as simple availability at your hand. The pliers’ jaw is made of stainless steel, the aluminum body heat treated; the holders are equipped with holes. This pliers is more long-lasting than either aluminum or steel pliers.

This tool has an excellent workmanship with 7.5 inch long jaws as well as long tipped can pleasantly accomplish specific fishing.


  • It is stiff enough to be long-lasting with excellent finishing
  • It can be applied with perfect grip to enhance better operation
  • clone
    It is corrosion and rust free with regular use in saltwater
  • clone
    It is quite easy to handle and carry with an impressive holster and lanyard, a coiled wire


  • Though it can cut braid so easily, the grip that is on the hook is delicate

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Fishing Pliers


The fishing pliers handle is one of the significant parts that you should pay attention while purchasing one. You should choose handles having spring loads so that you can avoid tiring out as you adjust and readjust your grip. The spring-loaded handles have one advantage that the springs will let the pliers have smooth movement as they give convenience to the user. Another extra advantage of the spring-loaded handles is that they normally have a loaded hinge that enables the handles to reverse to adjust back to open position.


It doesn't matter whether you will be fishing in salt or freshwater environment. The material of the fishing pliers you should purchase need to be made from high-quality elements that would not corrode or rust when it touches the water because of the salt composition. Usually, the choicest fishing pliers on the market are constructed from stainless steel and aluminum parts. These elements are corrosion resistant and are heavy-duty. They also aid to prolong the shelf life of the fishing product.

The Ergonomics

Fishing circumstances may not be as convenient as you imagine. You may require taking substantial material on board. Not to mention, you may need to battle off the stand of your catch. Consequently, it is quite necessary to consider looking for fishing pliers that is sheer and simple to handle. No one would like to waste their catch merely due to heavy pliers.

Ease of use

An excellent saltwater fishing plier should be light and should not weigh you down as well. The combination of these devices would naturally imply they would weigh more; however, the select ones out there that have been evaluated here are pretty lightweight because of the layout and application of technology. Good fishing pliers can be operated just with one hand. Considering the fact that you will be utilizing these tools regularly, finding pliers that has a strap or a clip that can be attached to your fishing pouch or belt is exemplary.


By now, you should have realized that nearly all products have their disadvantages. That does not mean that they are defective. That only means that they can do best in other conditions than others. Thus, you should choose your fishing pliers according to the purpose that you intend to use it for.


While choosing the fishing pliers, you should keep in your mind that it will not only be for cutting lines. At times, you may find yourself doing other tasks like crimping and so on. Thus, you should think of a product that is general-purpose enough to accomplish many duties. Hence, you can save cash by purchasing a single gear.

Additional features

Other fishing pliers may come with additional features to make the user happier. While looking for the fishing pliers, you should pay attention to such features since there is a lot that can be found in fishing pliers more than just a belt clip and spring-loaded handles.

Some of the extra features that can be added to fishing pliers to enhance it comprise a rubber insert grips that are meant for a non-slip grip even in the very slippery of conditions and a rounded end that makes it harmless for children to use.


The listed fishing pliers in this article are all great to work with. Quite a number of them are so very affordable and give value for their cost. Nevertheless, I was to just pick one fishing pliers out of the seven, I would go for the Madbite Aluminum Fishing Pliers. This is because they are innovative gear with some beneficial characteristics such as the Light Emitting Diode bulb as well as the non-slip silicone grip. With this fishing at night won't be a big problem since you would not have to take any other source of light like torchlight as you remove hooks because your remarkable pliers has light! Generally, this is a good product that is worth your cash.

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