Best Fishing Rod For Beginners

Best Fishing Rod For Beginners

A fishing rod is a long, narrowing bar in which a fishing line is appended, normally on a rotating end. If you have been searching for a great fishing rod to buy and you have not been certain about the type of rod that can suit you then this is the appropriate article for you.

In this article, we will select the better fishing rods in the market based on their reviews and ratings by other buyers who have used it. Definitely, this is the ultimate article for you, as it will answer the entire possible question regarding fishing rods to get you prepared to buy the best rod that will give you the value of your money.

Top 10 Best Fishing Rods Reviews & Buyer's Guide 

1.​ Fiblink Surf Spinning 12ft

Fiblink Surf Spinning 12ft Fishing Rod

The Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod is longer and slimmer than the Daiwa Bigstick and is made of a carbon fiber technology to reduce its weight and enhance its stiffness. Furthermore, For smooth, long cast and enhanced responsiveness, it is made of Stainless steel blended with a ceramic guide. Morever, It has a Non-slip rubber flinch tube grip with decreased end grasp tip over butt ferrule fastening for the best strength and endurance.


  • It is long enough to throw the lure so far.
  • It is portable, strong and lightweight


  • the user has to be pretty careful when handling the guide since it needs some pressure for one to join the reels.

2.​​ Wild Water 5/6 9’ Rod

Wild Water 5/6 9’ Rod fishing rod

This 9-inch rod is for fly fishing. While the Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod breaks down into 3 pairs, Wild water fishing rod breaks down into 4 parts. Each of the sections measures 28.75 inches. Furthemore,the rod is graphite made and it is meant for five or six weight line. Morever, It has a cork grip that enables you to handle the rod and it is further stressed with tightened cork trim rings. This rod has a stainless steel that is used for storing the fly.


  • It is pretty good for starters as it is easy to operate since it comes with essential starter items.
  • You don't have to worry while transporting it since it has a very tough cover.


  • A new user might find the rod very rigid and not as flexible as it should be

3. KastKing Speed Demon 8ft Bass

KastKing Speed Demon 8ft Bass fishing rod

KastKing Speed Demon Bass is an S-glass cranking fishing rod. It has a Dimensional 16 blanks that enhance it weight, give excellent hook setting as well as lifting power. The common 3A cork handles are used in this kind of rod for comfortability, beauty, and feel. Additionally, It also has an EVA in the foregrip as well as fighting butt for shock reception.


  • The rod particularly the drop shot rod is extremely sensitive
  • The worm and jig rod have quite a sufficient backbone and an adequately soft tip to load up on hook assortments


  • Though is a good rod, is relatively expensive.

4. Fiblink 2-Piece Saltwater Spinning Rod 10ft

Fiblink 2-Piece Saltwater Spinning Rod 10ft

The look almost like the Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod. Nevertheless, the two pieces are 7 feet long while the former is 10 and 12 feet and it is a bit expensive than the Fiblink 2-Piece Saltwater Spinning Rod. Morever, the package comes with the Fishing Rod as well as its shielding Bag. Furthermore, the 7 feet medium heavy rod's Lure Weight ranges 1-4oz while that of 7 feet heavy is 4-7oz.


  • The rod has a very stable backbone and is pliant at the peak.


  • It as some sharpened edges that can easily cut.
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    Compared to other rods, the base guide on the rod is very large and you may not like it if you are used to other rods.

5. The Protocol FishermanPlus rod

The Protocol FishermanPlus rod

​The Protocol FishermanPlus is a single rod with a grip coated with rubber. Furthermore, it comes with a storage partition, the real rod as well as the casting set. Morever, The Lanyard is adaptable for a tight grip. This rod is so comparable to Ronco pocket fisherman.


  • It is so portable as the handle tool folds and it can fold up to 10 inches.
  • It is fairly sturdy compared to its Ronco counterpart.
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    It is not bulky.


  • It can throw off those who are used to rods reels being on the left side.

6. Ronco Pocket Fisherman rod

Ronco Pocket Fisherman rod

The rod comes with two bonus lures. Furthermore, it has an automated anti-Reverse that inhibits the handle from spinning backwards. Morever, it can be attached to your belt and can fold into two to fit into the pocket. Stored in the handle is a small tackle box for storing the lure.


  • If you don't like carrying around a tackle box, this will serve you because of the storage space inside the handle.
  • It comes with additional stuff like weight, swivel, bobber and practice casting plug.


  • Metal and plastic gear working together as part of the rod seems to be breaking it easily.
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    It is common for the nut on the reel to keep slacking.

7. Sougayilang 2.4M

Sougayilang 2.4M Fishing Rod

This is a 1-1.2 feet mini closed length design rod made of selected carbon material with sheer weight. High-density carbon fiber combined with stainless steel and fiberglass elements are what make this rod. Additionally, it has a 3-point joined stainless steel guides with ceramic insertions. Furthermore, there are a variety of lengths and sizes available.


  •  The Pocket telescopic fishing rod will embrace multiple species.
  • Suitable for trout fishing.
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    It really needs lesser space for storage in general where you would not require a long fishing pole.


  • It has no guides for eyes.

8. PLUSINNO Telescopic 2.7M Spinning Rod

PLUSINNO Telescopic 2.7M Spinning Rod

The rod includes a fishing line, hooks, many lures, fishing reels and other necessary tools. Furthermore, it has an Instantaneous anti-reverse gear. Morever, the power consumption is moderate and it has a hard and durable pole because of the high-density Carbon fiber combined with fiberglass.


  • It has a huge carrier bag for easy transportation and management of its components.
  • It is full-packed and you don't need to buy anything else.


  • The plastic reels seem fragile as they often break.
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    The somehow rugged metal at the area you would put your finger to secure the line does not feel nice for some people.

9. JEKOSEN Portable Spinning

JEKOSEN Portable Spinning ​Fishing Rod

These are available in three or four pieces. Furthermore, the three pieces are 5 feet long while the four feet pieces are 6.9 feet, 7.9 feet or 8.9 feet long. Morever, it has a tube case for secure portability. Additionally, it is a lightweight rod with a general good strength due to the Carbon Fiber make. On the other hand, JEKOSEN Portable Fishing Rod has a case with foam in the interior as well as rod shielding bag.


  • All the three pieces fit inside the case for additional protection and easy transportation.
  • The strength of the rod is ideal for backing in the boundary waters.


  • The product does not incorporate the fishing reel.

10.​ OUTLIFE Fishing Tackle Kit 2.1M Combos

OUTLIFE Fishing Tackle Kit 2.1M Combos

This combination is made up of lines, hooks, lures and travel bag and it is intended for sea water, fresh water and boat fishing.  Furthermore, spinning reel is built from anodized aluminium. Morever, the available rod poles measure 1.8 and 2.1 meters. The fishing line is 100 meters long and supports 40% greater pulling force. Additionally, it also comes with anti-scratch nylon travel bag that can be used to carry the entire fishing equipment while traveling.


  • The combination is complete and saves you from the need of purchasing other accessories.


  • At times, when casting, the rings appear to shift and become irregular and one has to compose them after every casting.

Best Fishing Rod For The Money Things to Consider Before Buying

Surf rods

Surf rods are usually the longest of all fishing rods. Also, they are very massive in structure and weight. The benefit of the length is that it helps in casting sinkers and bait from the shore out into the water. Another benefit is that surf rods can catch quite big fish like shark thus a strong fishing rod is so paramount. The normal Surf rod is about 3-4 meters long. Therefore, next time you need to catch big fish you can consider Surf rods.

Game rods

Games rods are meant for game fishing in lower saltwater. They are devised to catch huge pelagic fish. Typically, they can carry up to 37 kilograms of fishing line. They come with gimbal attachment on the butt part. The benefit of it is that it can be utilized in a game fishing chair or tackle.

Spinning fishing rods

Spinning fishing rods are frequently employed in freshwater places, even though you can still obtain denser rods for boat or saltwater sake. Spin rods are devised to befit an eggbeater style reel and are applied for casting and regaining baits and lures. Most of the generic rods are known as spin rods. Spin rods commonly have broadness of 1.6-2.4 meters. In case you need to do a bit of pier fishing, some river fishing or even light boat fishing a spin fishing rod could be your perfect option. Knowing this is good for a successful fishing.

Fly fishing rods

Fly fishing rods are made for catching freshwater fish, commonly the salmon, trout or halibut. Their lengths range between 1.8-3.6 meters and have a slim blank that resembles a whip. They are   to keep fly fishing reels and are generally utilized for freshwater fishing. Nevertheless, some individuals presently use bigger massive rods as well as a fly also for a few of saltwater fishing.


Rods are commonly manufactured from fiberglass, graphite or even an aggregate of both. The graceful and stronger rods are majorly the ones made from graphite. But, they tend to crack more quickly than their fiberglass equivalents. More so, the inelastic texture and easier weight further make them more receptive and are usually excellent at recognizing slight bites.

Furthemore,the weighty fiberglass rods have significantly enhanced pliancy and some are practically indestructible. Morever, it is known that rods habitually occur in mixtures of both elements, and for the fisherman who practices fishing in many distinct places and situations, the blending is the perfect rod.

Additional information - (FAQ)

The frequently asked questions about fishing and rods.

a). What do you need to have apart from the fishing rod and reel in order to fish?

A salesperson will always convince you to buy many things from their shop. You might end up spending your money on things that you don't even need. The essential elements that you need to fish are:

-Fishing Bait
-Waterproof Garments
-Fishing Line

Normally, the place where you are going to fish will determine the kind of tool that you need. However, these are the common ones.

b). The suitable fishing rod for a beginner

Again, many sellers will want to take advantage of beginners so that they may purchase more expensive fishing rods from them. Nevertheless, it is advisable for a beginner to start with basic and cheap fishing rods and then gradually move to more high-level rods as they gain more experience.
For a beginner, Crystal River kit would do well as it is the cheapest rod. In case you wish to get a bit expensive and advanced one, you can go for PLUSINNO fishing reel and rod. This will give you everything you need for a good start.

c). Is there any difference between saltwater and freshwater fishing rod?

The answer is yes. Saltwater and freshwater fishing rods differ. In fact, the saltwater fishing equipment is more costly than the freshwater fishing equipment. Hence, it is good to make a decision on what type of fishing gear you need before shopping.

d). The fishing rod prices

​The prices for the fishing rods vary. The lower price can be up to $13.00 while the highest price can go up to $249.00. It is important to note that the prices will change with time depending on where you want to buy your fishing rod from and the type of rod you need to buy.


There are different types of best fishing rods. If you need a fishing rod that will satisfy your needs, it good to do a thorough research before determining which fishing rod to buy. Helpful information about this commodity is available online. Furthermore, you can check this from other customers' reviews about the specific products and get relevant information.

Notwithstanding, most of the reviews will depend on personal preferences and experiences. Consequently, you don't need to rely solely on then. Morever, if you are serious about fishing you should get to know the best rod for you after a short while.

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