Best Jerkbait For Bass

best jerkbait for bass

Undoubtedly, jerkbaits are the most efficient and greatest lures for bass. This is simply because of the command that you as a fishermen have over the action. In this article, we have outline the 8 best jerkbaits for bass that you might need to know. Additionally, we have listed the things to consider before buying a jerkbait. This is the ultimate jerkbait guide that you really don't want to miss.

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We have tested over 50 jerkbaits with highly experienced bass fishermen in a number of different locations across the US. Here are our picks for the top jerkbaits that we tested.

Top 8 best jerkbait for bass reviews

1. Strike King KVD Jerkbait 3 Hook

Strike King KVD

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Strike King KVD Jerkbait 3 Hook is a great jerkbait for bass to consider. It comprises a system for weight transfer which enables you to cast it long ways. That means that you can comfortably use it even in high winds.

In addition to that, it has a pretty broad side-to-side movement on the jerk. More so, it has a lot of darting and rambling wiggling action. Just like the rest of the KVD products, this comes in various excellent colors. Thus, if you need a variety of colors for a jerkbait for bass then this should be your option.

​What we liked

✔️ Works for various waters since it has different color options

✔️ The darting and rambling action easily gets the attention of a bass

✔️ Great castability

​What we didn't liked

🚫 Have two hooks

2. The Yo-Zuri 3DB Jerkbait

Yo-Zuri 3DB Jerkbait Suspending Lure

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If you are interested in a suspending jerkbait then you need to consider this model. The Yo-Zuri 3DB Jerkbait has an invincible minnow shape. Actually, it is one of the unique jerkbaits made with “flat sides”. This renders it ideal for a pause or pause technique or stop-and-go retrieves.

The unique “flat sides” is what makes the jerkbait extra responsive, particularly when you "flip" your rod tip. Another feature that has attracted our attention is the holographic mylar tinsel end. This pulsates and flashes quite amazingly. It combines with the Restricted Internal 3D Prism termination to make it a perfect jerkbait. Additionally, its Wave Motion Technology, it lures even the very finicky bass you ever thought!

​What we liked

✔️ Has perfect suspension

✔️ Nice action

​What we didn't liked

🚫 Some anglers observed that their lines snapped while using this bait

3. Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait

Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait

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If you have been in the fishing field for some time then you certainly know the Rapal. This is a beast in this industry of fishing tackle. That by itself should give the confidence in the Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait!.

 And indeed we have found that any bait from this brand has always been of the top quality. This particular model is a unique jerkbait since it comes with a feather baiter on its tail hook. It darts suitably when hooked and suspends very well. During our examination, we used it to get quite a lot of bass above 5 lbs with no disappointment at all!

​What we liked

✔️ Great running depth

✔️ Has a classic Rapala action

✔️ Durable

​What we didn't liked

🚫 In some few instances, the bass may get off before you get it into the boat if you are not careful

4. Yamamoto Senko

Yamamoto Senko Bait

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This is a jerkbait for bass that is quite popular for its ease by it eccentrically darts back and forth. This jerkbait is harmonized out of the box to swing well. It features a novel holographic foiled coating and comes with high-quality hardware and hooks.

The Yamamoto Senko is really set to angle just out of the box. Additionally, it is already made a great impression in the industry of the hard bait. It is reliable and has been proved to facilitate the lure and catch of some of the big fish.

​What we liked

✔️ It is simple and effective

✔️ It is available in various colors that you can choose from

​What we didn't liked

🚫 Too soft

5. Ima Flit jerkbait

Ima Flit 120 1/2 oz Suspending 3 Hook Jerkbait

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You might have noticed that quite a number of the modern jerkbaits include an internal weighing system. This system produces longer casts. However, the manufacturers of this jerkbait deliberately did not include that trait while designing it. That does not really mean then that this jerkbait is not the best.

In fact, there is a basis for that. The internal weights have a way of freezing the action of a jerkbait right on the retrieve. This is an eye-catching implementation of exhibited by this jerkbait. With a slender profile and realistic coatings, the Flit operates unlike the usual jerkbaits in the water.

​What we liked

✔️ Reacts promptly when jerked

✔️ No 2 retrieves will occur in the same look hence appealing even to the most finicky bass

​What we didn't liked

🚫 Relatively costly

6. Lucky Craft Flashminnow 110 

Lucky Craft

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The Lucky Craft Flashminnow 110 uncovers the Baitball idea some time back. This concept has actually been there for a while. Rather than simulating an individual baitfish, the Lucky Craft Flashminnow 110 is made to mimic a little school of smaller baitfish, twitching and swimming in a secure ball.

Truly, this is an idea that uses the natural way to attract the predatory fish which is the bass in this case. This jerkbait comes with 6 silver treble hooks and the best color for bass catching lure.

​What we liked

✔️ Has a pretty and sensible design

✔️ It is efficient and worth its price

✔️ Easily lures big fish like bass

​What we didn't liked

🚫 A bit light if casting in the waves and the wind going against

7. The Akataka Premium Jerkbait

Akataka Jerkbait Freshwater Fishing Lures

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The Akataka Jerkbait is a real lure of high quality and is made of durable materials. It features vivid 3D eyes that create a life-like swimming motion to get a bite. It has very sharp and vmc treble hooks that are quite resistant to corrosion even in saltwater. As a matter of fact, this jerkbait is what you need in case you are fishing a saltwater environment.

It will make you not to worry about the rusting of your lure. From our observation, its vivid color has an irresistible attraction to bass in both saltwater and freshwater environments. Additionally, the sellers of this jerkbait for bass give money Back warranty. That implies that they are really confident about their product.

​What we liked

✔️ Has a winning wobble

✔️ Has some pretty great action and performance in the water

✔️ Does well on a clear sunny day

✔️ Ideal for ripping lips

​What we didn't liked

🚫 The manufacturer needs to work on the durability of the hooks

8. Sougayilang Fishing Lures

Sougayilang Fishing Lures Hard Bait Minnow Crankbait with Treble Hook Life-Like Swimbait Fishing Bait Deep Diver Lure Sinking Lure

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One of the catchy features of this fishing gear is the eyes, body detail and hooks. It has 3D lifelike eyes that resemble a small fish that can attract bass. The high-resolution body detail and the 3 robust and sharp hooks will certainly deliver. The splendid color of this gear is another feature that makes it ideal for bass.

With its realistic design and swimming action, it makes it easy for bass to identify and pick it. Additionally, it is ideal for use in both freshwater and saltwater. Other interesting features include a steel ball that is fixed inside it. This is a feature that ensures the fast cast and efficiency.

​What we liked

✔️ Well stable and excellent motion throughout the water column

✔️ Great choice of colors and patterns

✔️ Easily attracts big fish like bass

​What we didn't liked

🚫 The manufacturer needs to work on its corrosion resistance

Best jerkbait for bass buyers guide

a) We have shallow jerbaits and deep jerkbaits. If you are going to be fishing deeper bass then deeper jerkbaits are the best. Likewise, bass that seat on shallow water can best be fished using shallow jerkbaits.

b) In case the bass are feeding in wide shallow water, you need to buy a floating model of jerkbait. However, if you are aiming deep rocks or structure, a sinking model is what you need to purchase. This is because a sinking model will get deep to where the bass are staying in this case.

c) There are universal jerkbaits that can work in the majority of the fishing grounds. Normally, suspended models are what you need to go for if this is what you are looking for. However, if you are just going to have a single jerkbait, it needs to be a suspended model. The reason for this is that these models can be used for fishing in all depth. Nevertheless, they do best in 10 feet or less of water.

d) Another thing you need to consider while choosing the jerkbait for bass is its size. You might want to use a small or large jerkbait. Usually, a larger jerkbait has additional hooks to enhance the catch. On the other hand, a standard or small jerkbait for bass is ideal in shallow water. Also, it does well in places where there is some grass. When buying your jerkbait for bass, think of your fishing ground before making any step.


A jerkbait is a comprehensive beginner lure and it operates pretty well for experts too. They are available in different configurations and sizes to attract and catch bass that swims at various depths. Hopefully, this review will help you to choose the best jerkbait for bass. Always note that your specific fishing grounds will determine the type of jerkbait you should buy.