Best Magnets For Magnet Fishing

best magnets for magnet fishing

Magnet fishing is a less expensive outdoor recreation activity that is done with friends and families. The major concept of magnet fishing is to retrieve metallic objects from water bodies using magnets. Information about best magnets for magnet fishing are available for you to know different characteristics of magnets, how they are used and where to use them.

You will be exposed to memorable experiences that previous users have shared while reviewing the products. Finally, you will also be provide some tips that will assist you purchase the right magnet for a very lovely magnet fishing experience without any regret.

10 Best Magnets For Magnet Fishing Reviews

1. DIYMAG Neodymium Fishing Magnets

Super Strong Neodymium Fishing Magnets, 330 lbs(150 KG) Pulling Force Rare Earth Magnet with Countersunk Hole Eyebolt Diameter 2.36 inch(60 mm) for Retrieving in River and Magnetic Fishing

The first time I saw this product, was when my friend and I went to search for my wristwatch. He is a professional in magnet fishing. That very day, he also had intention of teaching me how to make use of the product. I affirmed the magnet to be very strong and effective. We were able to retrieve my wrist watch from the well.

After usage, I decided to purchase my own personal magnet mainly because of its pulling force. I felt excited about my previous experience and I decided to do magnet fishing in a river downtown. Some minutes after dipping the magnet in the river, I noticed it has pulled on to something. Immediately, I started pulling out both the magnet and the new catch. While pulling I felt that the new catch was heavy and I observed that it was a cast iron when it all surfaced. I had a lovely magnet fishing experience that very day.

2. Brute Magnetics Round Neodymium

880 LBS Pulling Force, Brute Magnetics Round Neodymium Fishing Magnet with Countersunk Hole and Eyebolt, 3.54

As small as it is, it is very strong. Please be careful during usage, as it can attract any metal from any angle. It is however, advisable to wrap a balloon around it to prevent unwanted metals from sticking around it. I bought it, to find my misplaced ring from a PVC pipe. I bought this product based on the recommendations, from previous users. The ring got attracted to it, immediately after dipping it into the long PVC pipe. I felt excited after use.

I have also used it to retrieve valuable metals from water, grass and gravel. I found it really useful and effective but should be used carefully. Please, educate your children not to make use of it without your consent. It is not a toy. It is sad, as one of my son got injured while using it carelessly. He learnt his lessons and followed the necessary precautions during usage and also became excited about the product.

3. Wukong 330

Wukong 330LB(150KG) Super Powerful Neodymium Fishing Magnets Magnetic Grade N52 Diameter 2.36'' Round Neodymium Magnet with Eyebolt, Magnet for River or Lake Fishing

I could not believe one of the customer’s review on this product that it can attract a Paper DOLLAR bill until I tried it myself. I had purchased this product long time ago and not know this fact. Basically, I had no issue using it to find my wife’s wedding ring when it fell down the waste pipe. The ring got attracted to it and wife was very happy seeing the lovely ring. I have also used it to retrieve my fishing hooks as soon as it got loose into the river while harvesting fish from a nearby river.

If this my very old Wukong is lost, I will certainly purchase it again irrespective of how much it will cost me to do so. However, I have bought and presented this product to my eldest son on his birthday and taught him how to use it effectively. I am recommending this product to you, based on my experience about it.

4. CMS Magnetics

Powerful Fishing Magnets Built with Neodymium Magnets w/ Eyebolt - Great for Magnet Fishing in River, Lake or Ocean for Treasure Hunting, Very Strong and Providing 405 LB Lifting Power. 1 Pack

I love metal fishing a lot. I have tried using other magnets owned by friends, but this product is my favorite. Luckily, I acquired it as a gift from my Dad during my twentieth birthday. Most time, I make use of strong rope to pull off my catch from the magnet. I had collected several metals from the river which include: knife, spoons, rings, parts of cars and metallic rods. This product is waterproofed, believe it or not. It stands the test of time because I found it very durable.

It is advisable not to wear analog watches which are expensive while making use of this product. It is profitable to adhere with my sincere advice. Obviously, this product should be on your mind while trying to purchase your own personal fishing magnet. After purchase, you will personally know that it is a very strong magnet and thank me later or appreciate having read my review and followed my recommendation.

5. Brute Magnetics 1,200 LBS Pulling Force

1,200 LBS Pulling Force, Brute Magnetics Round Neodymium Magnet with Countersunk Hole and Eyebolt, 4.72

My Friends and me use several magnets for magnet fishing in a very close river to our house. We have purchased and stored at least 5 different types of magnets. I found this particular product to be the largest and strongest as we have found things, that both of us had to pull out together from the river. If you are using it single handedly, please, make sure you pull mechanically and not manually as I almost got heart attack while pulling manually.  In the absence of my friends, I have used and pulled it out mechanically during my leisure time.

It is a great and affordable product which I found very useful and recommendable. We have previously used it to remove a strong and long metal rod from the river. We had to purchase another similar one when the previous one got completely stuck with a very heavy metal and all we could do then is cut the rope.

6. Mutuactor

Mutuactor Fishing Magnets 600lbs Strong Pull Force, Powerful Neodymium Magnets N52 with10m(32feet) Durable Rope ,Retrieval Magnet for Retrieving and Magnetic Recovery Salvage in River

I found this product useful and resourceful irrespective of the age of users. However, there is a need to knot the thread to be attached to it very well before use. This will give a certain degree of assurance of not losing it to any difficulty of lifting metals while fishing. Its cord is made of tough and thick nylon and makes it easy to collect unimaginable treasures during magnet fishing. The cord is also well attracted to the main body of the magnet. Its diameter and thickness makes it easy to use at tight locations.

I was able to retrieve my lost metallic properties from my farm while harvesting corn during winter. I have also used it to destroy a drive that I do not need and wished not to be accessed by my competitors and enemies. I strongly recommend that you purchase this product as it is very durable and less harmful than other magnets available in market.


BIGTEDDY - N52 Heavy Duty River Lake Salvage Fishing Recovery Magnet Strong Round M8 Rare Earth Neodymium Countersunk Magnetic Hooks Ceiling 130kg / 286 lbs. Pull Force

I applied a very simple method when I decided to know if this particular magnet can support a very heavy metal. I used a pulley system and pulled the rope after attaching the magnet on the metal. It really surprised me that the magnet could hold up to 125 pounds weight of metal without losing its grip. I believe it can as well as lift metals which are heavier than 125 pounds.

I was then confident to use it for magnet fishing along with friends along a river in another city. The experience was interesting as my magnet attracted more than what my friends’ magnets did. My friends were also amazed and I recommended they buy it, which they did the following week. However, one of my friends found it very difficult to free the magnet from a strong metallic plate until I supported him by inserting a thin but strong rod through the eyelette. I strongly recommend this product.

8. QUEST LLC, 1333lb Fishing Magnet

1333lb Fishing Magnet - Super Strong Pull Force Neodymium Magnets (604kg) - Recover Objects from Rivers & Lakes (4.72” ; 120mm)

I have taken magnet fishing as a profession. This magnet fishing started as a hobby until I developed full interest of making income from it. I have used several types of magnet in the past to collect things from the river. Most of these magnets got stocked while pulling and all I could do is cut the rope. I got to know Quest products few years back. Sincerely, this particular product is one of the topmost strongest magnets. It weighs 1,333 pounds and have used it to collect metals of approximately 1,400 pounds at the mid of my most visited river downtown.

I do always use thread lock which prevents the magnet getting detached during usage. Otherwise, both the magnet and treasure will not be collected. I strongly recommend pulling mechanically as I always do while using this particular product. Please, use this product when you are very sure that you possess the required strength and experience to do so.

9. Wukong 290

Fishing Magnet with Rope x 66ft, Wukong 290LB(132KG) Pulling Force Super Strong Neodymium Magnet with Heavy Duty Rope & Carabiner for Magnet Fishing and Retrieving in River - 60mm Diameter

I have used several products for magnet fishing and I found this product to be very light in weight. It is very good and resourceful. I bought for my son and he found it easy to use. During the weekend, we both go out for magnet fishing. We use to compete most times while fishing for treasures in the river. His magnet will at times attract teaspoon while mine attract a metallic bowl. The major difference between his own magnet and mine was the weight. I used the 330 pounds Wukong while he used the 290 pounds Wukong.

This particular product is less harmful than others and it is highly recommended for children who love magnet fishing. However, we should be conscious and provide safety measures for our children while using it. It can be harmful if care is not taken as it sometimes attract naked blades and small pins which might cause injury to our unprotected skin during usage.

10. Wukong 837

Wukong 837LBS(380KG) Pulling Force Super Powerful N52 Round Neodymium Magnet with Countersunk Hole and Eyebolt Diameter 3.54''(90mm) X Thick 0.70

Sometimes it is difficult to detach metals from it during usage. Observers will see it as a small magnet and perhaps not strong. As a frequent user, I know it to be super strong. While doing magnetic fishing very close to the bridge, I lost it to a submerged girder as it got trapped to it completely with no hope of retrieving it. I had to buy the same type and became more conscious of how and where to use it for magnet fishing. It is a very useful and productive magnet.

I have also purchased this same product for my childhood friend as a gift. He loves it and I have trained him on how he can effectively make huge sum of income from it. My friend and I have recovered so many treasures from the river. I am happy to have adapted to this product. I therefore, recommend it to professionals and beginners who have undergone safety trainings.

Buyer's Guide For The Best Magnets For Magnet Fishing

Many buyers of magnets have regretted buying relatively cheap magnets without having the necessary information before purchasing a magnet. This is mostly a result from hasty actions. However, some cheap magnets are very effective and strong during usage but most have lost its values due to the dangers that are attached to it.

This reduced values happens when most of the well informed buyers had read numerous products reviews and have found that the particular product is very dangerous during usage. This will obviously affect its demand in the market. Remember, once a product is not well demanded, then its price comes down. Please don’t rush after buying cheap magnets but read enough reviews and be certain that you are buying the right magnet at the right price.

Consider different sizes

Irrespective of what you want to retrieve from the river, it is advisable you choose the averagely sized magnets over the smaller and the bigger ones. Perhaps, you wonder why? The reason is based on the previous product reviews presented by frequent users of magnet for magnet fishing. The smaller magnets at times might be too small to pull out big treasures from the river and the big magnets too might be too heavy and strong to be freed from the treasure after retrieving from river.

The averagely sized magnets will be moderate enough to enable us pull almost any metal from the river and also make it easier to be freed from the treasure after retrieving the metals from the river. Remember, this is just an advice and you can choose the smaller ones or the bigger ones, once you are very sure it will meet the needs of which you intend buying such precious magnet for.

Preparations before purchase

In order to have a better chance of retrieving treasures from rivers and wells, you need to set up some few things. The magnet and rope need to be very strong and you also need to be safety conscious. You should wear recommended safety gloves while using magnets that attracts metals to its sides.

The stronger your magnet, the better it is to get heavy metals from the river. The concept of magnet fishing is somehow similar to the act of getting fish in the river using hook and line. In this aspect, the magnet represent the hook while the rope represent the line. However, magnet fishing is faster while catching things from the river.

Some of the magnets are heavy for children to use while some are very resourceful for children. Others are very heavy and specially made for professionals. Some of the magnets attract undesired metals to its sides making it more harmful while other magnets attract metals only to the bottom. You should have read the products reviews given by previous users and if not, please take time to read attentively again as these reviews matters a lot before purchase.

Please, give answers to the following questions before purchasing a magnet for magnet fishing. These questions include: who am I buying this magnet for? What purpose will it serve? Where will it be used? Is the user well trained about it? These questions will direct you to the best and suitable magnet.

Finally, a strong magnet deserves a strong rope to pull both the magnet and the treasures from the river. These can be pulled out manually by drawing with hand or mechanically by using pulley system. It is recommended you get a rope of at least 60ft in length, thick and well attached to the magnet.

Frequently asked questions - (FAQ)

Please, I want to confirm if both the bottom and sides of the fishing magnets gets magnetized or just the bottom alone?

Most of the products are produced with the bottom highly magnetized but the sides are little or averagely magnetized.  

How can I remove undesired metals from the side of the magnet?

You can precautionary wrap the sides with a balloon or use a plastic putty scrapper to remove the unwanted metals from its sides.

Thanks, I have been wondering if this magnets are application to a steel beam, please can it move the beam?

Absolutely not but you attach as many magnets as possible in order to achieve your aim.

Which of these magnets can help me pull out a submersible pump in my well about 100ft deep?

Any of the products can do this, as long as the magnet gets attracted to the submersible pump.

Hope the Wukong magnet won’t crack since the screw is pressing directly on it?

No, It will not crack because it was manufactured together.

My friend believes that these magnets where manufactured in the United States of America, please where are all these products coming from?

Almost all products are Chinese made.


Definitely, you should have a magnet in mind for purchase after going through the reviews and guide. PLEASE, do not just buy any magnet but buy the product that will give you a memorable experience on magnet fishing. Trust me, you will certainly choose magnet fishing as a hobby, when you buy the right magnet and use it for the right purpose at the right place. Please note the necessary precautions attached to the different types of magnets before purchasing the magnet. Otherwise, you might end up buying a deadly tool that kills its user. Have fun and stay safe.