Best Saltwater Fishing Pliers

best saltwater fishing pliers

Choosing the best pliers for saltwater fishing has never been easy. Saltwater environments have a lot of problems, unlike freshwater environments. This is because the equipment used in saltwater fishing are exposed to conditions that easily lead to corrosion and rusting. This review article focuses on the saltwater fishing pliers. Well, these are pliers that specially designed so that they can resist the adversities that are there in saltwater.

In this review article, we will select the best 7 saltwater fishing pliers considering all the possible factors that matter to the buyer. You will get to understand every feature of each pliers and find out which among these tools can best serve you. In addition to that, we have also listed the things that you need to consider while choosing the saltwater fishing pliers. For that, we are confident that this is the ultimate guide you need to read before making any buying decision.


​Product Name




P-Line Adaro Aluminum Pliers (7.5-Inch, Silver)



Booms Fishing H1 Fishing Pliers Saltwater Stainless Steel Tools with Sheath Lanyard 6.7 inches , Black Pliers


​420 stainless steel

Gerber 31-003137 Magniplier Locking Ergonomic Freshwater Fishing Pliers with Replaceable Jaw Tips & Carbide Cutters Plus Sheath & Lanyard, Black


hot-forged aluminum

SUAOKI Stainless Steel Fishing Pliers Saltwater Aluminum Handles Tools for Cutting Braid Line and Remove Hooks Lure with Sheath and Lanyard


​aircraft-grade aluminum

Boomerang BTC233 The Snip Braid Cutters, Gray



Berkley Aluminum Pliers, 7 Inches


Anodized aluminum

CrazyShark Fishing Pliers Resistant Saltwater Fish Hook for Cutting Braid Line Remove Hooks 7.5in


​class 60601-T6 aluminum

7 Best Saltwater Fishing Pliers Reviews 2019

1. The P-Line Adaro Aluminum Pliers

The P-Line Adaro Aluminum Pliers

The P-Line Adaro 7.5-Inch Aluminum Pliers are pliers that are made to endure the saltwater conditions and can be an ideal device for fishing in a variety of environments. These are designed from machine cut aluminum with varnished stainless steel jaws, making them be durable and lightweight.

They have tungsten carbide line cutters that are made to cut braided angling line up to 500 pounds. More so, they come with a nylon lanyard and shielding pouch and they can be bought in a variety of colors like blue, red, gold and silver. For this gear, the precision and sharpness are near perfection.


  • This model is durable. The durability is because of the high strength corrosion resistant aluminum coupling with the carbon steel tip coated jaws and the line cutter being made from Tungsten Carbide


  • The large handles are not good for use by small-handed individuals and besides, they are not rubber coated

2. Booms H1 Fishing Pliers

Booms H1 Fishing Pliers

The Booms Fishing H1 Fishing pliers is a product that can conveniently be used as tool pliers which can readily hold an object firmly and crimp shot. It has the peculiarity of split ring opening thus can be applied in lure fishing. The pliers has got a fine line cutter and made to have a little cutter for wires.

The tool has pliers lock to ensure the pliers is in a closed position while they are not open. The handle of this pliers is just 6.5 inches and this is loaded with a high-quality spring to enhance better comfort and operation. The design for this pliers makes it ideal for young anglers as it cannot manage heavy loads.


  • It is corrosion and rust free after long usage in saltwater
  • It can handle object tightly and crimp shot split lead, therefore, no chances of dropping it water by mistake
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    The pliers can be secured and stop any loss or missing


  • It is lightweight and cannot manage heavy loads

3. Gerber Magniplier Fishing and Angling Pliers

Gerber Magniplier Fishing and Angling Pliers

The Gerber Magniplier Fishing and Angling Pliers is another amazing saltwater fishing gear. It has a space between the handles. This space is meant for optimizing the engagement where your hand is strongest for a greater force. Secondly, it has an oversized finger Choil is added to it for resting the forefinger in order to provide additional stability. More so, the nose for this pliers is off Axis for an enhanced line for control and sight as you remove a hook from fish's mouth.

The spring-loaded Pliers reduce hand exhaustion and are controlled by a plunge lock – implying that the tool won’t open suddenly when you moving or catching a Fish.


  • The offside design for this pliers is so noble with the line of sight advantage
  • It is lightweight and it minimizes fatigue


  • This pliers is lightweight hence cannot sustain the heavy load

4. The SUAOKI Fishing Pliers

The SUAOKI Fishing Pliers

The SUAOKI Fishing Pliers is a completely aluminum alloy of the aircraft grade made pliers which renders it more durable. It can be consistently used in both saltwater and freshwater environments without worrying about rusting and corrosion.

The jaws of the pliers have been built from quality stainless steel which can be readily reinstated as and when needed. It is furnished with tungsten cutters which are so sharp in nature and readily cuts the mono leaders and the braided fishing line.

With the case and a lanyard that comes with SUAOKI Fishing Pliers, you can easily attach the pliers to your belt and secure it firmly in a place and make it convenient and comfortable and when you are in the fishing task. Lastly, this pliers is versatile and it can be applied in lure fishing as well.


  • It is corrosion and rust free
  • The durable stainless steel jaws and the secure grip make it a better operation
  • clone
    It simply cuts leader and braided lines


  • The Split ring tooth is of no use on small rings
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    There is just a quarter inch gap at the head of pliers

5. Boomerang BTC233 braid Snips

Boomerang BTC233 braid Snips

The Boomerang BTC233 braid Snips is the ICAST's (world's largest sportfishing trade show) as the best fishing accessory in 2016. Looking at this device from far, you may not think it is a fishing pliers. Nevertheless, when used to cut the fishing line, it does an excellent job.

The precision 420 stainless steel cutters operated on mono and braid superbly with so much accuracy that there is no worrying at all. In fact, with this, you do not have to apply a lot of pressure on the line when using it.

​It has 36 inches cord that is retractable thus making it ready for use all the time.


  • Its novel squeeze structure provides a secure grip even when you have a gloved or wet hand
  • The size is amazing and it can fit into anywhere including your pocket or fishing trays


  • The device salt-resistant but the internal springs are not

6. The Berkley Aluminum Bait Pliers

The Berkley Aluminum Bait Pliers

Berkley Aluminum Bait Pliers are nice fishing accessories at a sound price. It has carbide blades that are ideal for cutting through the braided line and the mono. These blades can easily be replaced. The Razor sharp stretch out of the pack and the goodness of this fashion of the blade is that you can substitute them when they become very dull to fulfill the task.

There are quite a number of crimping settings on the jaws of this pliers and they are best for setting up jigs when you are at your desired swim.


  • The central body of the pliers is designed from anodized aluminum. They also have stainless inserts that are resistant to corrosion. You only need to make sure that you wipe the pliers after every session to keep them in a good condition.
  • They have a creative quick-cut pattern that makes sure that the fishing line remains between the blades as you cut it off


  • ​None

7. CrazyShark Fishing Pliers

CrazyShark Fishing Pliers

The CrazyShark Fishing Pliers are other best saltwater pliers. Just as the name implies, they are the shark or the king when referring to saltwater fishing pliers.

The crazy shark pliers are resistant to, giving them durability. These are the perfect pliers for cutting braid lines in seawater. Their stainless steel jaws are covered with Teflon fitting making them saltwater resistant. Even with its lightweight, the pliers are still strong and durable.

The fabrication comes with a spring loading that makes it have a better grip. More so, it has an ergonomic design that makes it excellent for handling any time. Another notable feature for the crazy shark saltwater pliers is the pivot area that is 30% thicker than the normal ones giving it more durability.


  • It is handy because of the lightweight feature
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    These CrazyShark Fishing Pliers have a nice grip
  • The price is exceptional with such kind of fishing pliers


  • They are a bit smaller than most of the pliers and might not be that best for someone with big hands

Buyer’s Guide For Choosing The ​Best Pliers For Saltwater Fishing


When choosing the best saltwater pliers, the most important thing to consider is the material that is used to make it. The material should be one that can resist rust and corrosion that are very common in saltwater environments. The latest types of pliers are made from an aircraft grade aluminum alloys.

Before this, pliers were made from only from aluminum since it is rigid, does not easily rust and it is a lightweight element. However, the problem with aluminum is that is quite soft metal that can bend so easily when there a lot of force and weight. As of now, the best material is airport grade aluminum alloys.


Pliers with quite a number of accessories particularly lanyards used for appending are so handy. When you buy pliers with such extra accessories, your pliers will be kept from dropping into the water. Another tool that is a tip when buying a saltwater fishing pliers is a split ring. This is really a lifesaver at the time when you want to replace or change treble hooks.

The price tag

All the above-mentioned points are so important but the price of the pliers is what matters. If you are an expert fisherman or a fisherman investing in a quality choice is not a problem. Nevertheless, in case you just go fishing one in a while, there is no need wasting a lot of money on while there are a number of inexpensive models that can still work in saltwater environments.If you are on a tight budget, find a nice saltwater fishing pliers having very few downsides as much as possible or rather downsides that you can comfortably accommodate.

frequently asked questions - FAQ

1. What are the best fishing pliers on the market?

The best pliers that when you see them on the market, you should buy them should be made with aluminum and stainless steel parts. These materials are uncompromising and corrosion resistant. They also help to increase the time frame for the practical usability of the pliers.

2. Why should I buy pliers with spring-loaded handles?

You need spring-loaded handles, so you do not tire when setting and adjusting your grip. With spring handles, the pliers' tongues give a smooth movement while providing comfort to the user. Another advantage of spring-loaded handles is that they have a loaded hinge that allows the handles to return to the free position.

3. For what reason should I buy a fishing plier?

Fishing pliers are an essential fishing tackle that can help you. When you doubt to include one in your fishing backpack, then reconsider your decision. I what I tell you is that they are more than being useful. So make sure you pack with the rest of your equipment. Without them, you will experience the frustration of insufficient rigging, and this can ruin your relaxing and charming experience. Pliers are also handy when you have an emergency, such as when a snare hits you, and you have to cut them off.

4. What are some of the application? 

There are many applications of fishing pliers. They can be applied for terminating fishing reel after catching fish, removing loops, lures, and pulls, setting up split rings, and terminating  fishing line, stripping, crimping, bending wires ,pulling, and performing various functions depending on the capability in a particular pair of fishing pliers. You can apply your advanced version of fishing pliers to level snarl thorns, tighten slings, make cords, and even drive slings out of your own body in the event of an accident.


Saltwater fishing pliers for you is unmistakably a personal preference. When you take into account a lot of factors as well as the diverse costs, you could look for them even for the whole day and still you will end up with nothing.

The truth is, nearly every saltwater fishing pliers have their advantages and disadvantages. It always makes sense to pick a fishing pliers with more advantages than the disadvantages. Again, the disadvantages should ones that you can easily accommodate.

In this review, we selected ​best of the saltwater fishing pliers that you can use in an effort to assist you to make the best decision while doing your shopping. If you simply require a very handy line cutter then choose the Boomerang or go for the CrazyShark if you need quite strong pliers for saltwater fishing.

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