Best Saltwater Spinning Reels

Best Saltwater Spinning Reels

A spinning reel is a cylindrical gear that is appended to a fishing rod and it is used to wind and stow the fishing line. The latest reels have attachments that aid in casting for accuracy and distance, as well as retrieving the line. This article picks the ​good saltwater spinning reels in the market based on the buyer's reviews, outlining each and every feature for individual spinning reel to assist you to make a decision when it comes to buying your spinning reel. The guide will also outline the pros and cons of each item to help you understand the good and negative features that are necessary to know before making any buying decision.

More so, the article brings about the frequently asked questions and their possible answers to help you get answers to some of the significant answers that every saltwater spinning reel user might need to know.

Apart from the individual item review, this article will also offer you a comprehensive guide that lists the important things that every buyer needs to know before making any decision to purchase saltwater spinning reel. Hence, it goes without saying that this is an ultimate guide that you do not want to ever miss.

Best Saltwater Spinning Reels Reviews 2019

1. ​X-CAT 4000 spinning reel

X-CAT 4000 spinning reel

The X-CAT saltwater spinning Fishing Reel is reinforced with metal central shaft and parts and furnished with twelve ball bearings. These ball bearings are of a good quality. The reel has an instant and one-way anti-reverse bearing that offers it an ultra-smooth action. With these features, frictions are minimized to reduce wear so that the gear can stay longer. The frame is hollow to make lightweight. Furthermore, the computer balancing system coupled with powerful performance adds to the lightweight feature that ensures that the user does not get tired easily.

The metal handle is foldable plus the casting line conserves relatively big space which makes it portable. The spool is made of high-quality aluminum meant for better casting as well as less line tangle.

​What we liked

✅The reel can be used by both beginners and experienced anglers.

✅The body is built with an environmentally friendly material.

✅There are quite a number of varieties to choose from. For instance, there are seven modes that are, 1000-7000 series that comprise those for ocean beach fishing, ocean beach fishing, ocean rock fishing, river, lake, stream, reservoir pond etc.

​What we did't liked

🚫 One customer observed that the anti-reverse had a bit of play, but not so much.

2. ​KastKing Sharky III 3000 spinning reel

KastKing Sharky III 3000 spinning reel

The KastKing Sharky III spinning reel is a saltwater gear that can work in freshwater as well. The brand Sharky is available in five different varieties that are Sharky III 1000, Sharky III 2000 Sharky III 3000, Sharky III 400 and Sharky III 5000. The KastKing Sharky III spinning reel is made firm to land trophy fish in all types of circumstances i.e., both saltwater and freshwater. The Sharky III are lightweight spinning reels made with big percentage fiber strengthened graphite rotor and body.

The Sharky III has up to 39.5LBs / 18KG of triple disc carbon fiber drag, big size stainless steel central shaft as well as a precision mesh manganese brass pinion gears meant for more fishing muscle.

Another unique feature of the Sharky III is the KastKing Intrusion Shield System (K.I.S.S) which is a protective water-resistant device for its body, spool and rotor. This keeps dirt and water out.

​What we liked

✅ In case your gear falls accidentally, K.I.S.S protective device will keep it safe from dirt and water.
✅ With Sharky III, there is no need to have a backing line when spooling on braid angling line since it has Fin Braid Ready aluminum spool.

​What we didn't liked

🚫 It is hard to retrieve according to one user.

3. Burning Shark LJ7000 Spinning Reel

Burning Shark LJ7000 Spinning Reel

Burning Shark Spinning Reel is another saltwater gear that can be used to catch bass trout. It is a large size gear with tough drag hence it can be applied when going out with an ocean boat angling for big fish. The materials that are used to make this spinning reel that includes aluminum spool, Glass fiber and Composite material body and other fishing accessories have perfect anti-seawater corrosion mechanism to ensure it does not get spoiled by the nature of the saltwater.

The Burning Shark Spinning Reel has screened oil opening found in the side plate that aids in quickly and effectively greasing it so that the reel's service lifespan can be lengthened and its performance can be enhanced too.

About warrant, the Burning Shark Spinning Reel has a three years seller's warranty as well as thirty days policy referred to as no-questions-asked return policy.

​What we liked

✅ Burning Shark Spinning Reel has 3-years warranty which is relatively long enough to give you confidence in this fishing gear.

✅ According to some customers, the performance is relatively fair in relation to its price.

​What we didn't liked

🚫 In some instances, the reel breaks during the first angling as per one client.

4. ​BLISSWILL 4000 Spinning Reel

BLISSWILL 4000 Spinning Reel

Just like KastKing Sharky III spinning reel, BLISSWILL Spinning Reel has models. The models range from model 2000, 3000, 4000 to 5000. To aid in resistance to corrosion, the reel has 12+1BB super deep groove spherical plain ball bearings as well as gapless one-sided reaction system. More so, it has fast hook sets a high-speed revolving bearing, a balanced reel configuration that meant to deliver the smoothest execution as much as possible

The honeycomb design spool is made of Aerospace grade aluminum while the gear is of low noise and it is a high-tensile one. The strength of the reel seat can be termed as high-strength as it can endure a weight of 25kg/55IB. If you are intending to catch the big fish, you can choose the models like model 4000 or Model 5000 as they have the greater endurance to pulling force.

The thick copper central shaft, high strength, lightweight and corrosion endurance makes it fit for saltwater fishing

​What we liked

✅ The gear has an amazing 168 hours continuous running hours.

✅ It comes with a free spare high strength ABS spool.

✅ When you purchase this product, there is 100% refund that is given within a month in case you are not satisfied with it.

5. ​Piscifun Storm 4000 Spinning Reel

Piscifun Storm 4000 Spinning Reel

This saltwater spinning reel has a speed of 6:2:1 retrieval rate coupled with a smooth and performance of 22lbs / 10kg triple carbon drag. The Piscifun Storm Spinning Reel gives an ultimate consistency to minimize like break off. It also has a double O-rings fastened drag which enables the reel to have better water immunity than other reels at the same cost.

The rotor for this reel is weighing up to about 15% less than the usual rotors. The rotor also has a unique shape that helps to decrease undesirable weight and spreads stress more uniformly throughout the rotor in order to give maximum strength.

To ensure that the Piscifun Storm Spinning Reel offers a uniform and effortless retrieve, it has ball high-quality bearings that are 10+1 shield saltwater rated. More so, it has highly enhanced corrosion resistance

Other notable features of Piscifun Storm Spinning Reel include braid ready aluminum spool, instantaneous screw in the handle, reinforced anti-corrosion Zinc drive gear, double bearings guide spool and high-density EVA knob.

​What we liked

✅ Piscifun Storm Spinning Reel's O-rings fastened drag gives it an upper hand over other reels as it keeps its drag reliable and steady.

​What we didn't liked

🚫 It is somehow difficult to use by beginners.

6. ​Sougayilang WQ5000 Fishing Reel

Sougayilang WQ5000 Fishing Reel

Sougayilang Fishing Reel has glorious polishing and high strength aluminum spool as well as a fine reel for saltwater anglers. The handle is CNC machined, up to 26 LB carbon fibre max resistance power plus the elegant aluminum spool. It as a stiffened metal central shaft, complete drive gear as well as accuracy turned pinion gear designed for fish fighting power.

In order to ensure there is the desired smoothness, Sougayilang Fishing Reel is fixed with 13 ball bearings and immediate stop one-way bearing for anti-reverse power. This gear is a lightweight as it has computer balancing system coupled with a great performance in the compact Spinning Reel. With the lightweight feature, this reel can be used by both adults and children.

With the interchangeable handle, this saltwater spinning reel is designed for both left and right hand.

​What we liked

✅ In case the reel fails within the first twelve months, you will benefit from the full twelve-month warranty with additional life support.

✅ Because of the strong centre metal shaft, this reel can easily catch all kind of fish found in saltwater environments.

​What we didn't liked

🚫 As per one customer, the Sougayilang Fishing Reel does do not take line precisely on the spool.

7. Piscifun Spartan spinning reel

Piscifun Spartan spinning reel

The brand new Piscifun Spartan spinning reel is the first to use matchless CNC brass drive gear at a contentious price point. What makes this spinning reel special is the full alloy body and rotor, premium brass pinion gear as well as 12+1 protected stainless steel bearings. The piscifun Spartan spinning reel is made tough considering the big game fish fisher in the saltwater or freshwater environments.

This gear has 44lbs / 20kg regular drag power facilitated by the pinion gear and novel Brass drive gear, smooth three-disc carbon washers and the strengthened stainless steel main shaft. Also, the reel weight is reduced by the two-sided and hollow rotor to ensure that the angling is made more convenient even on long days.

For silky smooth and regular retrieve, Piscifun Spartan spinning reel has a high precision gearing technology from Japanese Hamai and a three stainless steel bearing sustained carbon drag system.

​What we liked

✅ With this spinning reel, you don't need to do line backing while spooling braided line since it is braided ready.

​What we didn't liked

🚫 Because of the relatively higher price, it might not be the best for a new fisher who is out to try saltwater spinning reels for the first time.

8. ​Thekuai JG4000 Spinning Reel

Thekuai JG4000 Spinning Reel

Thekuai Spinning Reel is a whole all-metal body fishing gear. The design is meant for reducing or resisting impact in order to minimize flexing and give more cranking power. It is fixed with a big style robust knob that gives exceptional durability and comfort.

For the most effective gear system that gives a high-performance service, this particular gear has 9+1BB Ball Bearings that shielded and computer-optimized gear design. More so, it has an anti-reverse construction as well as a strong drag system that ensures even operation and enforcement during intense saltwater battles.

Despite that fact that Thekuai Spinning Reel has a full metal body, it is still a lightweight spinning reel. The body graphite designed to facilitate that. In addition to the slow oscillation that offers more line capacity and better line-lay, it also features lube preservation grooves as well as a stainless steel central shaft that are made to enhance corrosion resistance that is an essential feature for a saltwater spinning reel like this. With the two-color oxidation of the CNC all-metal handle makes it feel comfortable.

​What we liked

✅ One client recommends it for its top cap that manages how relaxed you require to hold the line.

9. ​Mpeter Sentinel MS5000 spinning reel

Mpeter Sentinel MS5000 spinning reel

Mpeter Sentinel spinning reel has a CNC aluminum spool, a computer balanced rotor and high-modulus corrosive resistant graphite body all making it a lighter and tougher spinning reel for thrilling casting, minimal fatigue and longtime endurance.

The bearings for Mpeter Sentinel spinning reel are 10+1 and they are corrosion resistant. The toughness for battling huge fish and the slick retrieve is enhanced by the improved strength accuracy mesh brass gears as well as the stainless steel bar/shaft.

The Mpeter Sentinel spinning reel can be applied together with forty lbs triplex disc carbon fibre drag ability to capture big fish. Additionally, this reel has the latest devised CNC aluminum spool that has better line-lay and favorable line capacity features lube maintenance grooves for extended life and smoothly put robust operation.

Again, for farther casting, the reel comes with a power launch projection.

​What we liked

✅ The Mpeter Sentinel spinning reel is available for varied fishing options like saltwater Surf Fishing, freshwater Bass Trout angling or Inshore angling hence, you have the alternatives to choose from making it a bit economical at the long run.

✅ The Mpeter Sentinel spinning reel keeps more line compared with other models of the same price.

10. ​Gosccess 4000 Spinning Reel

Gosccess 4000 Spinning Reel

The Gosccess Spinning Reel has a corrosion resistant, high quality and reinforced precision brass pinion gears. The reel offers dependable and smooth spinning and it is a lightweight adds up to its general smooth performance.

The arm is foldable and it is left/right interchangeable. The handle is also collapsible hence making it easy for storing while providing a strong driving force making it suitable for catching big fish so simple.

The resistance to corrosion is heightened by a unique construction and elements such as the stainless steel shaft and the aluminum handle. These allow it to be used both in freshwater and saltwater.

It has a great line lay swaying system and an awesome streamlined outline. The reel comes to solve the problem in various waters like the call to replace diverse fishing reel to work in ocean rock fishing, ocean boat fishing, lakes, ocean beach fishing, reservoir, river and stream.

The Gosccess Spinning Reel is a premium quality saltwater spinning reel available in various series of sizes ranging from 2000 to 7000.

​What we liked

✅ The spinning reel is smooth and easy to operate.

​What we didn't liked

🚫 According to one buyer, Gosccess Spinning Reel is too light and only suitable for lake fishing.

Buyer's Guide for Choosing The Best Saltwater Spinning Reel

1. Material and build

The construction of saltwater spinning reel is so essential to your fishing progress. Choose a reel that is strongly made to last. To examine the construction of your reel, check on how the components are joined. Every part should feel firm, with no fragile parts and the components should feel heavy duty. Again, the reel should feel comfortable and smooth when in action.

Also, consider the material that your reel is made of. Normally, aluminum reels are so strong; however, they can be so heavy, which can be unfavorable to some anglers. On the other hand, Graphite reels are buoyant and simpler to handle and that makes them best for starters. They are the best for saltwater fishing than aluminum reels since they have great resistance to corrosion.

2. Speed and Gear Ratio

While choosing your spinning reel, consider the speed of the wheel. The speed at which it revolves will impact the level of charge you have over the reel. You need to check on the gear ratio since it shows the number of times the reel turns with the revolution of the handle. A higher ratio implies the gear will revolve faster. For fresh anglers, a moderate to mid-range gear ratio is convenient for control.

3. Size

Your spinning reel should not be too heavy. The general size of the spinning reel really matters. Choose a reel that is directly proportional to the weight of the line you are planning to use. In case you do not have greater upper body power, begin with a lighter reel and gradually move to heavier ones with time.

4. The spool quality

Another vital feature to take into consideration before buying your saltwater spinning reel is the general quality of the spool on the spinning reel. How the spool is built will have an impact on the regularity and general handling as you are fishing. We have two kinds of spools- skirted and internal.

The skirted spools are commonly favored style of the spool in the current fishing since they aid in preventing tangling of the line. If you like a longer casting distance, a long cast spool that will stretch much farther will be the best for you. The feel and cast of the spool is a factor that is necessary to examine before buying your saltwater spinning reel.

Additional Information-FAQ

How can you spool saltwater spinning reel?

Most people employ a technique where they put a spool on its side then reel some few seconds. After that, they open the bail and release the tip. In case they find the line wrapping up on itself, they flip the spool. When the line hangs limp the bail is shut and the process continues.

Another way you can reel spool the reel is piercing a very long screwdriver through the spool then into the foreyard so that the spool the line is horizontal. You can sit on the front moves and reel it in. In case you pushed the screwdriver deep into the ground very hard, you can experience some kind of tension on the spool so that it gets on the reel somewhat tight.

How do I fix the drag on my reel?

A perfect drag setting is very necessary in order to find a big fish. The drag force ought to be fixed at one-third the breaking power of your specific line. Attach a loop at the end of the line and wire it through the rod's eye. Place the rod in a rod holder and append the loop to available hand scale. See the weight presented on the scale to ascertain the amounts of stress that the drag is applying. It is recommended that you should examine and set the drag prior to each angling trip

How should you clean up a spinning reel that has fallen into saltwater?

You need to unscrew the handle and separate it from the body. Slacken the drag and pull the spool as you run warm water through on it for about two minutes. Finally, let it dry and add a bit of grease to the reel bar and another bit where the handle and the paddle join.


Saltwater gear can be quite costly, thus it is imperative to get a reel that will offer you the soundest value for money. If you are not careful, you might have to spend a lot of cash before getting a quality fishing tackle you require. Nevertheless, it important to ensure that the cost directly matches the value of the tackle and you can achieve that by taking your time on research about them.

There are numerous things to regard when buying a saltwater spinning reel. The general structure and handling of the equipment are crucial to the way the reel handles. In case you have any doubt, you can go to a neighborhood fishing shop and experiment the reels in person to help put into practice what you have already learnt with the guidance of an expert. This will assist you to get the saltwater reel that is best fit for you.

In reality, saltwater equipment, right from the lures to rods and reels should be kept in a good condition since they go hand in hand with the spinning reel. As you take good care of them, you will get the best returns for a long period in the future.

Even a mere cleaning down with pure water and drying of the entire tackle even when you are using them will pay off  with tools that will not just last for a lot of fun-filled ages but also be prepared to catch that "Big fish" when you come across them

I hope this review will assist you in deciding the best saltwater spinning reel that you wish to have. At least by now, you have knowledge about the common aspects that you need to know regarding reel weight and how to take good care of your brand-new gear so that it can serve you for long.

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