Best Santoku Knife

Best Santoku Knife

Do you take a lot of your time in the kitchen? Do you find it challenging to cut recipe ingredient such as onion during dinner preparation?  If yes, the Santoku knife should be your next purchase.

The Santoku knife has an origin from Japan and is considered a universal knife, which is equivalent to the typical Western chef's knife. It's usually less than eight inches long, though some assortments are as larger as ten inches.

This knife gives you excellent cutting capability and makes it easy during the meal preparation. They are designed with unusual materials for quality and toughness.

However, you will get a hard time when out on the market to look for the ​Santoku knife which one is best so that will meet your needs. Many brands can confuse you. In this article, we intend to do your search for the ​Santoku knife simple by reviewing the best seven products.

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​Product Name

Gear Ratio

Ball Bearings


Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Santoku Knife, 7 Inch

​High-carbon, no-stain German cutlery steel


Victorinox 6.8523.17 Swiss Classic Santoku Knife with Fluted Edge, 7 in, Black

​High-carbon stainless-steel


Shun Premier Santoku Knife, 7-Inch

​Damascus steel


J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL 31170-181 Classic Hollow Edge Santoku Knife, 7-inch, Black/Stainless Steel

​German stainless steel


DALSTRONG Santoku Knife - Shogun Series - AUS-10V Japanese Steel 67 Layers - Vacuum Treated - 7

​Japanese super steel


Zyliss Control Mini Santoku Knife - Professional Kitchen Cutlery Knives - Premium German Steel, 5-inch

​German steel


Sabatier Forged Stainless Steel Santoku Knife with EdgeKeeper Self-Sharpening Sheath, 5-Inch

Forged Stainless Steel


Top 7 Best Santoku Knife Reviews 2019 & Buyer’s Guide

​1. Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged

Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Santoku Knife, 7 Inch

The Mercer Culinary is very famous when it comes to the kitchen appliance industry. This brand is constant even in the production of Santoku blades. Your Genesis knife will amaze you. It has a carbon-treated steel blade. So you can ensure the sharpness and protection against consumption and rust for both.

The knife also has an ergonomic design that increases the quality and toughness of the blade. The latter also adds to the parity and strength of the knife when cutting.

​What we liked

​✔ The blade is sharp and intense

✔ The reinforcement has two forms (standard and short)

✔ The handle is ergonomic and powerful

​What we didn't liked

​🚫 A fragile blade that can easily break

2. Victorinox 6.8523.17 Swiss Classic

Victorinox 6.8523.17 Swiss Classic Santoku Knife with Fluted Edge, 7 in, Black

Another good santoku knife choice is the Victorinox knife.  It has a good design that guarantees an excellent grip. It has been designed to achieve essential Messer duties, such as cutting, crushing and dicing. The best offer of this instrument, however, is the mixture of the features of its blade and handle. Subsequently, it can make consistently thin sections.

The premium blade is made from carbon treated steel for extreme flexibility, sharpness, and maintenance. Despite its simple design, this santoku knife has a strong development to ensure its durability and insensitivity to excessive temperatures and various weaknesses.

​What we liked

​✔ Easy use from a simple construction

✔ Well-designed handle for comfortable grip

✔ It has incredible stability and equality

✔ The blade is sturdy and offers edge maintenance

​What we didn't liked

​🚫 A plastic handle will not last

​3. Shun Premier

Shun Premier Santoku Knife, 7-Inch

Number three on our list is this santoku knife from Shun. This blade consists of 32 layers of stainless steel. In harmony with the Santoku, frame sits a beautiful Pakkawood walnut handle nearby and keeps a fixed distance to the blade. It can easily cut bone and hack your fixations.

The blade is designed for a hard Tsuchime impact. In Japanese, Tsuchime means "beaten." In this process, small air pockets are created on the edge of the blade which reduces air resistance and quickly drain food while they are cutting and dicing.

In general, the Shun Premier Santoku is a quality knife, a real case of the Santoku convention. It's light, balanced and sharp. This is an excellent blade, and the cost reflects that.

​What we liked

​✔ Quality steel blade

✔ Comfortable, and balanced grip

✔ Classical Santoku style

✔ Excellent craftsmanship

​What we didn't liked

​🚫 Cost high

​4. ​J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL 31170-181 Classic Hollow Edge 

J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL 31170-181 Classic Hollow Edge Santoku Knife, 7-inch, Black/Stainless Steel

YES. Henckel's Santoku Knife is the fourth of our best Santoku knives to be bought in the market. Made in Spain, this kitchen instrument is made of high quality, durable material that makes cooking less demanding and all the more exciting.

Before we decided on this knife, we did a legitimate search on its highlights and searched for comments from customers about it. All in all, we were happy with what we got, and we thought it wise to integrate it into our overview.

​This knife is ideal for fish, meat, and vegetables and the empty edges of the blade help keep the nutrients from sticking.

The Henckels Santoku knife is made of high-quality German stainless steel, and its structure provides a stable element that outlasts its time. It also has a simple change from handle to blade, which allows an ideal setting. The blade has a shiny silk texture that ensures precise cutting, and its sharpness can last longer.

​It has an ergonomic, commercial triple trivet handle that gives comfort and parity. The blade is recoloring safe, dishwasher safe and has cleaned the clear edge for ultra-thin cutting.

​What we liked

​✔ Sharpness makes cutting easy

✔ It is made from top-notch materials

✔ The handle gives a pleasant and firm grip

✔ Suitable for ultra-thin cutting, where a typical knife may not work well

​What we didn't liked

​🚫 Requires regular sharpening

​5. DALSTRONG - Shogun Series - AUS-10V Japanese Steel 67 Layers

DALSTRONG Santoku Knife - Shogun Series - AUS-10V Japanese Steel 67 Layers - Vacuum Treated - 7

Presumably, this is exceptional compared to other Santoku knives for entering the mall as it combines an unusual layout, spectacular craftsmanship, excellent materials, and innovative design. 

The DALSTRONG Santoku Knife is an unusual apparatus that has an excellent and complete tool designed to be applied for various purposes such as slicing, cutting, etc.   The firm grip for superior power and the triple coaster provide more flexibility.

The blade of this brand of knife is ultra-sharp and made of large Japanese steel, which provides hardness for edge preservation and exceptional finish. The inside of the steel is sandwiched between different layers of carbon steel, resulting in unusual strength, re-staining, and quality.

​The DALSTRONG knife is scaled down and balanced to provide comfort and safety. It has few rectangular parting surfaces that improve the nonstick property and reduce the surface disability.

​What we liked

​✔ Made to resist rust

✔ Super easy to clean

✔ Triple bolted for more speed

✔ Stylish knife made to last

​What we didn't liked

​🚫 Slippery grip

🚫 Requires regular sharpening

​6. Zyliss Control Mini Santoku Knife

Zyliss Control Mini Santoku Knife - Professional Kitchen Cutlery Knives - Premium German Steel, 5-inch

This 5-inch Santoku is ideal for slicing, dicing and chopping organic produce, vegetables, and meat in your kitchen.

Safety touch points over the blade provide a controlled shaking motion while cutting and comfortable rest for thumb and hand.

​The handle is antibacterial and has a molded handle that will fit both big and small hands. The blade is designed German steel and ground to an extremely sharp edge. It is rustproof, robust, discoloration free and can be reground if necessary.

​What we liked

​✔ Safety touch points over the blade for more controlled "shaking."

✔ Compact plan

✔ Accompanies a lifetime warranty

✔ Made of first-class German steel

​What we didn't liked

​🚫 Not ideal for broader application

​7. Sabatier Forged Stainless Steel

Sabatier Forged Stainless Steel Santoku Knife with EdgeKeeper Self-Sharpening Sheath, 5-Inch

Closing our list is the santoku knife from Sabatier. What makes it be included in this review is that its Maintenance will not be strenuous; as this knife is sharpened by hand each time you embed or eject it into the sheath. You never have to use another sharpener to keep the knife at its peak.

The blade is made of high carbon steel with a perfect cutting edge, and the handle should be ergonomic and open. The handle material is solid so that this knife remains in operation for a long time.

This should be hand washed and dried quickly.

​What we liked

​✔ Will stay sharp due to self -sharpening

✔ Comfortable grip

✔ Requires less maintenance

✔ High-quality carbon steel blade

​What we didn't liked

​🚫 Time to time self-sharpening makes wear out quickly

Things to Consider ​Before Buying Santoku Knife

If you want to select the ​Perfect Santoku knife, there are two or three things you should consider.  In this section, we cover some of them.

The blade

The size, shape, and material of the blade determine the quality of the knife to an incredible extent. Right from the start, you should opt for the carbon steel for the sharpness. Finally, you should consider the size and condition of the blade according to your needs.

​Choosing a knife with a sharp blade will be a good move as it will make your job competent and easy. Check this before buying.

The handle

The handle of a knife tells more on how comfortable the use will be. Before you buy a Santoku knife, you should consider whether the handle is ergonomic.

Also, the material of the handle is incredibly essential. A santoku knife with a natural grip and a firm grip should be your best decision.

An excellent and comfortable grip is the basic need of the knife user. You should keep this thing in your regard.


Here we reach to end of our article. Is not the end of the best products but an end to our report. There are so many best products out there.

However, all of the products that have been featured in this review are of high quality and selected based on different purposes. Just know your needs and choose the one that will satisfy you.

Furthermore, since people usually have different preferences and each knife is used for various reasons, we have tried to include seven different santoku knives for different uses. 

This implies that you will have something of your taste.

Happy shopping.

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