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best spinning rod

Spinning rods are rods devised to cast lures or baits. Spin fishing is an angling method where spinning bait is employed to attract the fish to snap. It is applied in both marine and freshwater ecosystems. This guide will focus on the best ten spinning rods and the guide on how to choose them. It is unmistakably the ultimate guide for any buyer as it will unmask the pros and cons of each spinning rod that every buyer needs to note before spending their single cent. In case you need to purchase a rod without making any mistake then this will be of great help to you.

Best Spinning Rod Buyer's Guide And Review

1. YONGZHI spinning rods

YONGZHI spinning rods

​YONGZHI spinning rod is a lightweight rod made of carbon fiber with E-Glass composite to achieve the required bite sensitivity. The reel seat is fabricated with corrosion immune CNC Machined Aluminum while the rod is safeguarded from breaking by a plastic guide cap. It is collapsible so that any caster can fold it into a small manageable size that can be fit into a small space for transportation. The YONGZHI spinning rods are available in various lengths and sizes for saltwater surf, inshore boat or freshwater bass trout casting.


  • It is very comfortable to carry as it is collapsible and goes smoothly into the carrying bag
  • It comes with a one-year warranty


  • Some customers who have used it state that it is finely made, only that looks like it too light to stand a real fishing trip

2. Okuma VS-605 -20 Voyager Spinning rod

Okuma VS-605 -20 Voyager Spinning rod

This is a travel kit that comes with a six-foot rod. Inside the case that comes with it, you will find five pieces. The pieces can be assembled together for travel and storage when needed. The blank is equipped with cork grips, ceramic guide inserts as well as stainless steel hooded reel rear. Apart from the usual travel case is a tackle box for keeping stuff like spoons, spinners, split shot fishing hooks with some little bobbers or crankbaits.


  • The case has patterns in a way that makes it easy to add other gear parts to your kit


  • One customer observed that after a number of casting, the tip end drifted off and thus needed them to push it back on repeatedly and it becomes somehow rather stiff after setting the bail

3. Daiwa Mini System Minispin Ultralight spinning rod

Daiwa Mini spinning rod

​The Daiwa Mini spinning rod has an ultra-compressed strong case having in-built tackle sections. The rod is ultralight and it 4.5-foot with five pieces that support about two-six-pound test lines and 0.0625-0.25-ounce baits. These Daiwa commodities include a limited maker's guarantee against flaws in workmanship as well as the materials. The carrying case's measurements are 14" by 7.5", little enough to suit in a motorcycle saddlebag or anything that the user might have.


  • It is compact enough to carry anywhere
  • The rod is easy to assemble in a matter of moments and appears both sensitive and sturdy


  • This rod does not come with a line for those who wish to have a fish line so you have to buy it separately
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    For a user who is used to longer rods, this might rod appear a bit sort in the first instance

4Penn Fierce II ,4000 Spinning rod

Penn FRCII4000702M Fierce II 4000 Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel Combo, Inshore, 7 Feet, Medium Power, 4000 - 7' - Medium

​Penn Fierce II Spinning rod has stainless steel ball bearings and Instantaneous anti-reverse bearing. The combo comprises medium light duty, medium heavy duty and heavy duty types. The medium-light duty of the reel size 2000 type measures six feet and six inches while the medium heavy-duty of reel size 4000 to 7000 measures between seven to nine feet and the heavy duty one of the reel size of 8000 measure 7 to 10 feet. The stainless steel guide has aluminium oxide inserts and EVA grips. It has side plate and full metal frame. You can get the Penn Fierce spinning rod in either one or two pieces.


  • One of the users observed that this rod combo can actually handle even the quite beefy species of fish


  • This commodity is not available for international shipping

​5. Cadence Fishing CR5 Spinning Rod

Cadence Fishing CR5 Spinning Rod

​The Cadence CR5 series have stainless Steel guides with SiC inserts. They come in varied lengths and the blanks are built of 30-ton carbon. The rod is available in two grip forms that are, full and split grip. Also, it has an adaptable Fuji reel seat. The Cadence CR5 series have varying lengths ranging from 4 feet 8 inches to 8 feet for the case of spinning rod with 3/8-1 oz lure weight.


  • It has packaging with heavy-duty tubes and foam support around the tips
  • Many users have noted that it is relatively sensitive than other rods of the same quality


  • When compared with other rods with these specifications, the diameter of the handle seems narrow thus if you are used to other rods of that specs, you might find this uncomfortable to some extent

6KastKing WideEye Walleye Casting Spinning Fishing Rod

KastKing WideEye Spinning Fishing Rod

​The KastKing WideEye spinning rod is made of Fuji Tangle Free K-Frame guides, 3A cord handle and a Fuji Reel Seats. The weight reduction is enhanced by the carbon blanks. The rod's weight starts at 3.42 ounces because of this blank technology. There are 13 distinct WideEye rods in diverse actions, lengths and in both 1 & 2-pc forms depending on what you might prefer. Each of the rods is made in a particular manner or fishing way in mind from rigging or Jigging, slip bobber exhibitions and probably trolling. The lengths of the rods will range from 6 feet 2 inches to eight feet 6 inches.


  • The rod is built to recognize light bites
  • The hook guard is not a closed ring, thus you don’t have to un-rig the lure you are applying to snap it up


  • People used to heavier rods might find it too light. Without any doubt, the less than 3.5 ounces weight is really super light

7. The ministoream Rod and Reel Combos spinning Rod

The ministoream spinning Rod

​The items included in the combo with the rod are fishing reel, various lures, lines, hooks and swivels. It is equipped with anti-reverse gear that is power-driven. The fishing rod is telescopic and portable too. All the equipment making up this combo are packed in an oxford bag. This ministoream spinning rod has an Aluminum oxide guide inserts. More so, it has a high tensile durability plastic body and it is suitable for both boat fishing and Sea fishing. The anti-seawater corrosion makes it possible for use in places like the sea where there might be a lot of corrosion.


  • The rod comes with other necessary tools for fishing and you don't need to buy some after buying it
  • It has a variety of lengths for a buyer to choose from


  • None

8. The Hurricane Calico Jack Spinning Rod

The Hurricane Calico Jack Spinning Rod

​The Hurricane Calico Jack Spinning Rod is made of IM7 Graphite rod blank and a hook holder. These type of rods are ideal actions and ultra-sensitive peaks that are excellent for working both live bait and saltwater lures. The rod is one piece and it has nine guides. This Hurricane Calico Jack Spinning Rod is devised for inshore fishing and it can be used to fish some species such as speckled trout, flounder and red fish.


  • It is fairly a good spinning rod on a budget. Quite a number of buyers who have used this recommend it for people that need a cheap but nice rod


  • The reel join is all plastic which implies it will not degenerate however like all plastic pieces, utmost fail long before their metal equivalents
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    Many users seem to complain about breakage

9. Shakespeare Tidewater Spinning Rod

Shakespeare Tidewater Spinning Rod

​The spinning rod is made of reel seats that are of Graphite with shielded stainless steel hoods. On some types, anodized aluminium Stuart surge guides and tip caps with stainless steel rollers. The Shakespeare Tidewater Spinning Rod is available in various measurements. The Medium type is available in 7, 9, 10 and 12 feet while the medium heavy is 8 foot. Another notable feature of the Shakespeare Tidewater Spinning Rod is the glass blank and tubular glass on boat rods and surf. The rod is a two piece and it breaks into six parts.


  • The rod can cast long distance of up to 100 yards with ease
  • It is a heavy-duty and strong rod


  • Though the rod is generally good, some buyers have reported some breakage at the tip of the rod and others spindle issues

10. KastKing Perigee II spinning Rod

KastKing Perigee II spinning Rod

​Both the one piece and two pieces of the Perigee II are made of Toray carbon matrix KastFlex technology blanks. These are meant for strength, power, accuracy and durability. The Perigee II has a Fuji O-Ring line guides, EVA grips, Saf-T-Keeper hook clip and an ergonomic graphite reel seats. The KastKing Perigee II 2-Piece spinning rods made of carbon fiber and baitcasting rods each have two-rod tips - Medium Heavy and Medium or Medium Light power with the medium. The length of the rod ranges from 7 feet to 7 feet, 4 inches.


  • The rod has a commendable backbone to tip ratio
  • It can be used for freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing or kayak fishing, for trout, bass and several other varieties


  • This particular rod does not come with a case

Buyer's Guide of Best Spinning Rod for the Money

​i). Simple to use

The spinning rod you select should be simple to use so that you can handle it even with wet and cold hands. In case the rod does not suit your hand well then it is not going to be pleasant when you are fishing. Find a cork grips as they will offer support and comfort.

​ii). Material

Spinning rods are commonly made from the similar kind of matters as fly fishing rods. If you are going to work with your rod regularly and be using entire day fishing, then it is apparently worth using a bit more capital and acquiring the lightest you can manage. You will be in a position to throw with limited effort, and you will notice that it gets used more. When you purchase a rod that is not correct, you will not utilize it, therefore it will be a misuse of funds.

​iii). Action

In case you are going to be casting light baits, then it is recommended that you select a rod with a slow action; one that flexes the entirety of the space of the rod. If the rod is excessively stiff, it will not flex, thus you will find yourself casting the lure, instead of letting the rod do the job. A rod that bows in the middle, like a medium action rod, is the excellent alternative for many fishermen. Medium action spinning rods will manage various sizes and weights of lines and offer you more power when catching bigger fish.

​iv). Length

The length of the good spinning rod for you will rely on the place you intend to fish. If you are fishing in a big stream, then you will require a greater rod. Picking a longer rod will be appropriate if you are going to be casting distant. In case you are fishing in a small stream, then you will need something smaller and more flexible

​v). Power

The sort of fish that you are going to catch will likewise assist in deciding which rod is fit for you. A rod to be used with a sheer line will be excellent for catching little trout, and an average line rod will be appropriate for bigger trout. For catching larger fish like salmon, you will be selecting a heavy or medium line. The rod will dictate what kind of line you can apply it for, in order to make sure that your brand-new fishing rod is suitable for the work.


​As anglers, sometimes we overlook the significance of our spinning rods to our prosperity or downfall as an angler. That is right; your rod creates a significant variation in your success or failure as a fisherman. That said, you should, therefore, dedicate your time to reviewing and looking for the best spinning rods that can suit you. Apart from personal preferences, also take into account other factors like the environment to ensure that your rod lasts long enough to serve you well while you enjoy its service. No doubt if that is well observed, you will achieve the best result.

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