Best Walleye Jigging Rod

Best Walleye Jigging Rod

Are you looking for the best walleye jigging rod? Walleye are not fighting fish, but having the best possible fishing rod is still critical. They have one of the softest bites of a fish, which means that it is amazingly difficult to distinguish their strike. With the walleye jigging rod, this problem can be fixed, so you can catch more Walleye!

Top 7 Best walleye jigging rod reviews

1. KastKing WideEye

KastKing WideEye Walleye Casting & Spinning Fishing Rods, Technique Specific, Toray Carbon IM9 Rod Blanks, Fuji Guides & Reel Seats, 3A Cork Handle

"My new favorite rod!"

"Catching plenty of Walleye with this one!"

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Looking for ease, responsiveness, and control, KastKing jigging rod are the ones that convey that and more through the whole array of method-specific activities.

Importantly, to give the Walleye fishers the best fishing tackle possible, it only comes with Fuji Tangle Free K-frame turning aids and Fuji L-Frame throwing stirrers. Also, Fuji IPS roll holders for the turning models and Fuji TCS roll holders for the throwing grooves.

Furthermore, these are just one of the lightest Walleye rods you'll ever own. With amusing load changes that start at just 3.42 ounces, you can fish all day without fatigue.  More so, these ultra-light rods are lightweight,  have first-class parts and the split grip configuration on rotary models.

​What we liked

✔️ Long enough & Durable

✔️ Lightweight

​What we didn't liked

🚫 Has a low bait weight

2. G.Loomis Classic Spin

G loomis Classic Spin Jig Fishing Rod SJR721 IMX

"Best Walleye rod I have ever used!"

"This rod is my go-to Walleye jigger!"

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Here, find another exceptional, fast action rod designed to give walleye anglers the power and execution of a throwing rod in a revolving construction.  First, these rods come for power and performance. Also, they are rated for a slightly lighter string, since helical coils generally do not deal with a heavier cord than a litter coil, even if they are above average helper.

Further, these rods were originally made for fishing sensitive bass materials but were found by walleye fishermen for vertical jigging as well as maggots and light ricochet drills. More so, there are five different "force meetings" ranging from 2 to 17 pounds test line. Many of these rods are suitable for light salt water applications.

Moreover, they are exactly what the walleye specialist on the freshwater side demanded, and you will find various approaches to using them in light saltwater applications. They are light, soft, and amazingly accurate. The better-known models are available in GLX, IMX, and GL3.

​What we liked

✔️ Available in  multiple models

✔️ Soft and light

✔️ High level of accuracy

​What we didn't liked

🚫 Supports less weight

3. UglyStik Tiger Elite Jig spinning

Ugly Stik Tiger Elite Jig Spinning Rod

This elite rods are adaptable rods that can be employed  across many varieties   and techniques .With Ugly Tech development, these rods give the fishermen a significant favorable position, and the Ugly Tuff Guides do not add extra pop-outs to the most extreme erosion.

Moreover, the Tiger Elite design is characterized by a higher graphite content, which results in lower weight and improved manageability while maintaining its incredible ruggedness. 

It comes with, Ugly Tech Evolution with integrated graphite for lower weight, extended selectivity, and better traction - One-piece, one piece treated, ugly tuff made of steel with two feet  and  Conventional reel seat with hardened steel caps.

​What we liked

✔️ High graphite profile

✔️ Easy to manage & Portable rod

​What we didn't liked

🚫 Graphite make it heavy

4. Tsunami TSSPJC-661MH Trophy Slow Pitch

Tsunami TSSPJC-661MH Trophy Slow Pitch Jigging Casting Rods

If looking for lightweight rod for walleye jigging then this should be your choice. First, the tsunami slow pitch jigging rods are designed for the new and growling slow pitch jigging techniques. More so, they are built in a progressively conventional structure for greater flexibility.

These rods can keep in touch with the most techniques, and they can handle a wide variety of other presented systems. It is certainly, a tremendous appreciation that allows the walleye fishers simple task when jigging.

​What we liked

✔️ Flexible and versatile rod

✔️ Great design

​What we didn't liked

🚫 Too flexible

5. Fiblink Graphite

Fiblink Graphite Ice Fishing Rod Pole Gear Equipment for Walleye Perch Crappie Pike Trout (32-Inch Medium Heavy Power)

Jigging for walleye can be one of the most outstanding strategies and is probably the least used by anglers. The Fiblink knows that and here brings out a jigging rod. The FB link Graphite Ice Fishing Rod emphasizes system-specific design to coordinate and focus on your fishing style.

Moreover, the sturdy stopper handles are designed and molded for comfort and feel, and each model is coordinated. The materials used are carefully selected to coordinate the process, the activity and the behavior types, hard execution under the harshest conditions.

​What we liked

✔️ High class material

✔️ Durable graphite

✔️ High accuracy

​What we didn't liked

🚫 Limited lure weight

6. RoseWood 1.95m Slow

RoseWood 1.95m Slow Jigging Rod Lure Weight Max 200g Casting Fishing rod Lure Weight PE 1-3 Drag Power 6Kg Carbon Fishing Pole

Here meet our second last item. This is another remarkable jigging rod for walleye fishing.  The use of light, tender post-tail sets, the substance of the large and displaced species, can immediately provide a quick response.

More so, it is full of Japan carbon fiber, X-type cross tip, that make this rod be light well, high quality. So, you can fish long time without fatigue. Moreover, it comes with planks of the dark EVA handle with high blockage, which feel good, solid.

​What we liked

✔️ Good handle & Light

✔️ High quality

✔️ High accuracy

​What we didn't liked

🚫 Imbalance from X-type cross tip

7. Jigging world Nexus Rods

igging world Nexus Rods (JW-NX701C-H)

To close up our rundown, we introduce one of the freshest and most modest rod arrangements in the walleye Jigging World series. The Nexus rods are full of carbon spaces with phenomenal buoyancy, but in the meantime, they are very light.

Moreover, all models are equipped with strong EVA holders to prevent slippage in wet conditions. Every single conventional model accompanies a pick-up roller, just like a double-locking system. These rods have been specifically designed to suit your fishing style.

​What we liked

✔️ Very light

✔️ Stylish design

✔️ Pick up roller

​What we didn't liked

🚫 Not strong

Things to consider when choosing walleye jigging rod


The length of a jigging  rod is not the most important but should be considered. Mostly we look for a rod in the six to six and a half meters long distances. This is an exceptional length to give you that comfortable, quick tip while still having enough capacity to set the noose and land an unequaled Walleye. Longer rods can be used when trolling to give the rod more quality, but this is not required for dancing or turning.


When fishing for Walleye, if you're jigging, you'll need to search for a rod with   medium light intensity. This allows the rod to be light enough to have a fast activity while having enough backbone to get the fish.


Weight is another thing that you also have to consider. The more power you need, the higher the line weight you need. For universal jagging, the range can be between 4 and 12 pounds. This track, combined with the best possible power, gives you the best fishing background when you try to reach Walleye.


Given the light bites that are normal for walleye, you'll need a tender tail for a better feel. Ideally, buy a rod with fast or fast activity when jigging.

frequently asked questions - (FAQs)


You can use the jig weight, the currents in water and the depth to determine the resistance of water


If you know how to jig, there is no need to train.


To prepare walleye is not too far from other fish. Just do the way you usually prepare the other fish.


While the facts show that there are a vast number of jigging rods that can get a Walleye, we have limited ourselves to the top seven that we consider the best. Each of these would be an exceptional addition to your fishing gear, and we think you would love all of our selections.