5 Fish Finder Installation Tips for Success And Catching More Catfish

A fish finder is a gadget that most boatmen use for them to find fish which work on SONAR (Sound Navigation and Ranging) system. This device will help every boatman to tell the location of a fish using a digital screen that can be an LCD or a CRT type. This device was used first in the 90’s and have its constant upgrade ever since. Having this device with you means that you have upgraded your fishing level into success. However, there are instances that many people that tend to just buy the device but do not have any idea what they are actually buying, the reason why they are buying it, or they do not even know on how to install this device correctly and how they could set it up properly.

​For the fish finder operations, the electric impulse of from your transmitter converts to a soundwave using an underwater transducer which is actually called a hydrophone. Once the wave strikes into something underwater it will then reflect and you will be able to see on your screen the size, composition and the shape of that particular object. Temperature and the pressure sensitivity capability of this unit will help you identify to where the exact location of the fishes is with the help of a temperature gauge. It also has a trackback capability that will certainly help you see the changes in a movement for you to switch your position and location while you are fishing.

Fish finder installation is your key to your success

If you do not properly install the fish finder properly, then the tendency is that you might end up keeping you from locating the fish. This is because many users of this device tend to install their sonar units on their own or they rely on someone to install it without having a clear knowledge of how to do it correctly.

Here, we are going to give you 5 fish finders installation tips for success so you will be getting the best performance possible.

5 Fish Finder Installation Tips:

Get your device registered

​After you receive your device and before you use your fish finder, you have to go the main website of the manufacturer and have your fish finder registered. This is for your manufacturer to make sure that they actually have a valid email address for them to contact you. Registering your device will also activate your warranty and as well as you will have updates or alerts about your device.

Have your fish finder software’s upgraded

​In today’s technology, the sonar fish finder has a very advanced technology. Just like your regular devices like your smartphone, computer, or other gadgets that you have, the fish finder also has a constant update that you need to have for it to have a better performance and compatibility. Also, it is always a good idea that your Settings and GPS coordinates to an SD card. Another important reminder is that you have to make sure that your unit is restored to its factory default settings.

Power importance and interference

Always make sure that you have a good clean power to your fish finder device and check if you have the fuse in between your unit and the power source. Always remember that you will be needing to have a fuse between your unit and the power source for you to keep your unit safe. There is also some interference issue that you might encounter like the following:

  • If you are using a 12V trolling motor, never use your unit using the same power source.
  • Any motor wiring that is near your unit can become an issue.
Fish Finder Catfish

Transducer mounting board

​Installing transducer can actually become critical for all fishfinder units. You have to make sure that the transducer mounting board is actually installed on the transom of your boat that has two screws. Having this installed will surely help you save a lot of problems and
will also let you assure that you will be able to get some good clean images on your screen.

Mounting Board

Transducer location angle

The transducer location angle is actually one of the most important parts for you to make sure that you will be able to have the best performance of your fish finder unit. Always remember that if you do not have the proper angle and location, you will not be able to see good images on your screen, if there is, then it will not be accurate. Here are some things that you should remember about having a correct transducer angle and location.

  • This should be as close as possible to the center line of your boat but not very close.
  • The location of the transducer should be seen on both sides of your boat.
  • The transducer should also be in contact with the water at all times. Having the transducer moved can have a great issue.
  • This is a need to be right next to level as much as possible.

Works and display of the fishfinder

The display screen of your fish finder will show you the presence of fishes. Its display also the presence of the fishes in the water by using a symbol.


There are actually choose from different brands of a fish finder. Each brand has a different debt as to which the technology will be able to penetrate into the water and to display images of the fishes.

​Being able to have a sonar fish finder with you as a person that loves catching fish can be very handy and efficient. By having this unit with you, you will be able to take your fishing career to the next level and to a great success. Though some people might say that this unit does not work accurately, always bear in mind that if you have done installing your fish finder in the proper way, then you should not worry about anything at all. This is one great device so do not let it go to waste. Having a sonar fish finder will surely improve your approach to fishing even the location you catch fish and how you do it. If you have great knowledge in using and installing your sonar fish finder then there will be no problem.

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