Fishing in the Hot Sun

Fishing is a blast. Some of the best times fishing is spent out on the water all day. Although fishing is fun, being in the sun all day can be draining. That’s why it’s important to make sure you are protected from the heat and sun.

There are a few ways to stay protected from the sun. Hot weather can ruin a good day of fishing. Follow some of these tips to stay cool on the water.

  1. Wear sunscreen
  2. Wear a Hat
  3. Wear a long-sleeved shirt
  4. Use Polarized Fishing Glasses


Sunscreen is probably the most important thing to have when fishing in hot weather. Sunscreen of at least 50 SPF will keep your skin from burning. The UV rays released from the sun can weather your skin, give you wrinkles, and even give you cancer. Using sunscreen to protect from the blinding sun is very important.

Wear a Hat

Wearing a hat is another great way to stay protected from the sun. A hat protects the most vulnerable place on your body. You nose, cheeks, and forehead can be burned easily. One of these items of clothing will prevent your face from burning in the hot sun. This will keep you safe from skin cancer and future wrinkles.

Wearing a Long-Sleeved Shirt

Long-sleeved fishing shirts are another important sun protected in hot weather. It is a common misconception that going shirtless is cooler than wearing clothing. A breathable, light-colored shirt will actually keep you cooler in hot weather. The light color will reflect the sun, while the shirt will keep your skin temperature cool.

Use Polarized Fishing Glasses

People often forget about the effects of the sun on their eyes when fishing. Your eyes can actually get sunburnt from the suns rays and reflections on the water. Not only do polarized glasses protect your eyes from the sun and the reflections on the water, but they will also allow you to see fish in the water.




Ice fishing is a fun way to catch fish, especially for people that live close to lakes and rivers and streams where fish can be caught all year round.

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