10 Pro Tips & Tricks to Master Fishing In The Rain

Do you plan to go fishing in rain? Do you know that Rain separates the surface, makes ebb and flow, and flushes   into the body of water? This makes it difficult to even know when the fish is tackling your lure.

To make it successful, here are the

10 Pro Tips & Tricks to Master Fishing in the Rain

1. Collect the required gears

We know that you will have your fishing rod, reel or tackle box as whole with you when you go fishing in the rain.  However, you still have some things; you must ensure that the rigs you use are adequate for the rain. Usually, the lines are designed to be waterproof. So it's not a problem. The main concern for this situation is your role and the rod grip. It should be waterproof.

If you don’t have the fishing kit, the PLUSINNO fishing kit is a good option to have. It comes with a waterproof case and made to withstand the rain weather.

2. Try to change locations while fishing

You notice that fish are getting more and more active in the rain. All in all, what do you expect from them? To stay in one place for a long time? Of course, fish do not stay in one place even in good weather. This way, when it rains, and they feel more and more active for regularity, it is clear that they will move quickly, starting from one point to the next. You may have discovered a fish at a breakup, but when you get there, it will not be anymore.

3. Look more in drains or streams

Rain forms streams in water   that moves to different places. These streams cause the fish to be in a move. As the fish become more and more active in the rain, they vigorously pursue their possible food. You then have a higher chance of discovering fish in these streams or rivers, which are usually later connected to a lake.

4. Try to locate clear water

The sloppy, light or dirty water makes it difficult for you to find or see the fish. You may even miss one when nibbling your bait, given the fact that various restless influences are transferred to your hands under the rain. So try to locate where there is less stream or currents in water.

5. Dress properly   and Ensure that you are comfortable enough

We all know that fishing in rain is difficulty. It requires concentration. So, if you need to succeed ensure that you are not facing any other challenge apart from the rain. You need to center yourself while fishing and any inconvenience hinder this center

It is not just the cold, but the drops fall in the face. Wear a decent raincoat that has a cap. Also, wear a hood so that the hood prevents as much distraction as possible from the face and head. Finally, your hands and feet should be pleasantly dry and warm. However, if you prepare your hand for a cold, make sure that what you are wearing allows you to capture your equipment well.

So ensure that you have the best dress. You can buy the WindRider Pro Rain Jacket and overcome some of the challenges.

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6. Check the water temperature

This is even more a regular thought. You can tell that fish like to stay in hotter conditions when the climate cools down. When it gets hotter and unexpected cool rain weakens the water temperature, the fish move on to discover comfort. In that sense, you must look for fish at such depths.

Based on this, you can use temperature to determine the areas where more fish may be accessible. Consider every one of these factors, which are identified with heat, and you will gradually think carefully about where the fish can cover up.

7. Use colorful and sinkable  baits

It would be an unsuccessful if the fish could not see your lure to attack it. Besides, here's a high shot that he probably will not see your bait. Remember you are fishing where it is raining and the natural flow of water has been rampered. Colorful and sinkable or heavy bait can increase your success rate.

8. Don’t fish against the wind

If using small baits fishing against the wind will lower the success rate of catching your dream. Also, it highly possible that water is moving in the same way with wind and so the small fishes.

9. Mind about your safety

Remember, you are not only dealing with rain. Other dangerous animals are along your way. This includes snakes other deadly reptiles. In this sense, avoid fishing with your life in your own hands. Try not to stay outside when it roars, as you may be able to turn into fiery debris. Take every other measure to be sure with the goal that you can fish better and more.

10. Try not ignore shallow fishing

As mentioned earlier, fish generally move to the surface to get their prey and due to other water conditions. Therefore, in the middle of the rain, you can employ more of shallow fishing as opposed to deep fishing and catch significantly more fish, as this is where the fish will be.

If you don’t have shallow fishing lure, the RUNCL shallow fishing lure can save the situation.

Since you can not be sure which type of fish or bait is becoming more and more successful, it is better to try different things with both varieties and then choose the one that gives the best results.


Fishing in the rain has its challenges that can make it difficult to land on your dream fish. For those of you who need to take advantage of this, the above 10 Pro Tips & Tricks to Master Fishing in the Rain can really be very important.

Following them, will imply that you will increase the chances of making it and stay safe while fishing. Happy rain fishing prevalent.

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