How to Carry a Knife | Unnoticeable and Safe Way

The U.S. Department of the Interior, Fish & Wildlife Service estimated that over 30 million fish in the US every year. According to the Prevention of Crime acts, a knife conveyed for a reasonable course, may still be seen as illegal if the authorizes see it as an offensive weapon.

The question here is simple if you are a fisherman carrying knives for a good course while traveling, can it be seen as an offense?

In this article, you will how to carry your knife as a fisherman.

Keep reading, and you will know more.

However, before you continue it will be in your
interest to know that the American Knife and tools institute have made success
on behalf of the knife community to correct wrong motives and clarifying
wrongly conceived laws that have tried stopping the transporting of knives for
a reasonable course while traveling.

First, we need to know the legal issues an average
fisherman faces to carrying a knife.

In recent years, the numbers of crime perpetrated by knives, especially in homicides have
drawn a great attention to the lawmakers legalizing the carrying of knives. The increase of highly-profiled murders has drawn a concern to the public. This has made the police clamp down on people in possession of knives.

However, a lot of confusion and improbability has filled the atmosphere in the area of fishing, making it difficult for anglers who use their knives solely for fishing purposes know where they stand in all these.

Fishing hunting as a good reason to carry a Knife

Despite the fact that is illegal to carry a knife, it is not illegal to carry a knife while it is for a good reason such as angling. It is possible for a police officer to stop an angler traveling for fishing with a knife and let him/her go because it’s a for a good reason and it be will count as no offense.

A policeman will allow an angler to go because of the approach of good reason. But if you have no reason whatsoever it may be counted as an offense. All this said, there is no rule fully backing this, as it may turn out sour even if the knife was carried for a good reason.

So as anglers who need to carry a knife around when going for fishing, what do you do?

However, if you will carry a knife, you must also consider your safety. Here are some few safety tips on how you can carry your knife unnoticeable.

How to carry a knife unnoticeable and safe

knife carry

​Safety is important when carrying a fixed-blade knife, unlike other foldable knives, they are always exposed. Moreover, it’s necessary to carry such knife cautiously.

Use a Sheath

​One thing you must not forget when you carry a fixed-blade knife is to always use a sheath as the knife jacket. This will help avoid any unnecessary injury to your body. The sheath is the piece that covers the blade edge of the knife from being exposed to your body. They are usually attached to your belt. It’s important to never carry a fixed-blade knife without a sheath.


The Most preferred sheath for your knife

The Sheath is originally created with a thin layered material mostly in form of leather or synthetic material. However, this has proven to be risky in the recent times because the when the knife falls off or bumps into an object it might likely cause an injury.

For this reason, sheaths made of plastic or acrylic material is best preferred to protect the knife from causing any form of injury.

Ensure to always place the knife sideways or beneath the belt. For no reason, should you carry your knife above your waist? It may lead to a terrible injury, as your internal organs are located near the position.

Use Ankle based sheath

​This is another way of protecting yourself. You can use an ankle based sheath within your pants. It has been recognized as the best and effective way to carry a knife.


Knives are a key tool for fishing. And as the old saying goes” you can’t go to a farm without a hoe”. So it is in the case of carrying a knife as an angler. Just ensure you use the right sheath to carry your knife and you will be doing yourself a great gain.

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