How to Rig Swimbait Reel

If you know how to rig a swimbaits, you can catch progressive fish while fishing. In this piece of work, you find the intricacies of one of the most outstanding approaches to rigging a swimbaits, so you do not miss any fish. Moreover, this piece of work contains all the equipment, handles, and the steps by step guide on how rig the swimbait.

 Well, without wasting time, let us dive directly dive into it.

Do you ever heard about this technique? The outstanding approach to rigging an effective swimbaits is with a treble hook. This rigging technique allows you to expose more hook focus under your bait, significantly improving your chance of rigging more fish. Instead of the usual lead-head swimbait strategy, where individuals regularly struggle, as only the single hook point is at the highest point of the bait.

The preferred position of the treble hook is that you will reach much more munchies that you jump with a swimbait. The usually hanging hooks and the usual float style made with this Swivelbait rig with elevation hooks bring more fish into the boat. In spring and autumn, it shines when fish are flat and crosses around feeding.

On other hand, there are two main disadvantages of the treble hook technique when fishing a swimbait compared to the usual rigging style. The first is that the system limits the weight you can add to your bait. The hook style does not leave you as deep as lead head rigging.

What you need in this technique

There are some things that you need to combine in order to have effective swim bait. Do you know what these things are? Luckily, here you have the grip you need to set up your swimbaits with a treble hook. This rigging technique may be a bit of work, but having the right hardware here can have a significant impact. Depending on the size of your swimbait, this set can be used on either a baitcasting or a turner bar/roller combo. Here are the gears that you need.

Treble hook

You can use Mustad 3551 Classic Treble hook. It fits in this purpose.


The Ally Swimbait is excellent for this set-up, as well as a few others as per your preference

Split ring

Use a split ring to interface with your triptych hook. A large split-ring forceps makes the activity more comfortable.

Pop rivets

A container with pop rivets in various sizes will help you with the different types of swimbaits. The Tradespro 836341 can serve the purpose.

Long sewing needle

Along sewing needle with big eye for the thread, is a crucial element to this desi.

Also read sewing machine guide in Thesewingflow blog.

The procedure

Here is how you can use these parts to attach a hook to your swimbait. Trust me that it looks and sounds much more complicated than it is. After some training, you will be able to take care of the business in no time.

✔ Attach the split ring to the eye of your treble hook.

✔ Separate the chamber of the blind rivets from the shaft.

✔ Insert the cylindrical part of the ponies into the belly of your swimming lure.

✔ Pass the sewing needle through the rivet from the nose of the swimbait.

✔ Pass the cord through the eye of the needle and pull it through the swimbait and pop rivet.

✔ Tighten the line and place one point of the hook in the swimbait.

✔ And you will be done.


With these simple steps, a swimbait with a treble hook should allow you to land on more catches. The resulting Swimbait can be a fishing machine throughout. As mentioned earlier, this style of treble hook is easy to set up. Try adding some extra weights to your swimbait, or you can add a split shot weight to your triptych hook to get more depth with your Swimbait with a treble hook.

In general, you will be pleased with how much easier it is to connect fish with this Swimbait technique After trying different things with it, you will be thrilled with the results.

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