How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife Without a Stone

Did you know that a blunt kitchen knife is more dangerous than a sharp one? Yes, it is more dangerous, as you have to use a lot of force when trying to cut anything. But what causes knife blade to be blunt? There are many causes and will not talk about that in this article. I will show you some alternative ways to sharpen your pocket knife without necessarily using the stone. We know the sharpening stones such as Sharp Pebble remium Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone are expensive, and now you are looking a cheap possible way you can achieve a sharp pocket knife. Ok, but before that you need to test the dullness of your knife before sharpening.

A sharp knife is much safer than a dull knife. Don’t believe right? Try to pierce a ready tomato with a blunt edge and with every fingertip, you confirm what am trying to say!

• There are several ways to test a blunt edge, and the most basic one is that your knife does not work correctly or makes you use a lot of energy to cut anything.

• You can also use a light from the sun or any source. For example, point your pocket to any light source be it the sun at the knife; A blunt blade will reflect the light.

• You can use thumbnail strategy to determine if your pocket knife is dulls. If you touch the sharp end with your thumbnail, a non-sharp blade will slide smoothly as opposed to blunt one.

Now you know how to test when your knife needs sharpening, in the next section learn now the tips.

Methods for sharpening a pocket knife

As most of you probably know, there are several approaches to sharpening your knife. Some ways will make it less stressful for you, where different methods will produce a more ingenious, longer lasting edge. Each is extraordinary, and I suggest that you do what works best for you. In this article, I will reveal several alternatives to sharpening stone.

Use of dish made of ceramic or porcelain

Fortunately, this is a quick and easy way to sharpen a pocket knife (or a knife, as far as it is concerned) without the need for a grindstone. Just open your kitchen cabinets and pull out ceramic or porcelain dishes.

The dishes regularly have a ring around the base that balances them on the surfaces. You need to turn the bowl over and move the edge of the knife to a 20-degree point on the ring. Trust it or not, this sharpens your blade to an excellent point.

When you're done sharpening, rinse your knife, dry it with a towel, and you're ready to go.

Sharpening using a car window

Seems to be crazy, right? In any case, the best edge of a down-facing window can be an excellent way to sharpen the knife. The highest point of a car window is rougher than the real window part through which you look. Sharpening your blade on this awkward surface will remove the hard edges of the blade thus making it sharp.

Use a coffee mug

It may shock you that you can use a coffee cup to sharpen your knife due to the ceramic material of the coffee cup. Turn the glass over and hold your knife on a 20-degree edge. Pull the knife over the bottom of the coffee cup a few times. Make sure you turn your knife over to complete the two sides.

Use sandpaper

A sheet of sandpaper (not so much sand). Go to a nearby tool shop and buy a sheet of "wet and dry" paper. It will cost you few cents.  For this case, opt for the 800 Type. After buying, overlaps it to a favorable format, and keeps it on a flat surface. And slide your knife at about 45 degrees on each side of the blade, and with some turns, you will get an extremely sharp blade. The edge stays longer than a grindstone or a wet stone.

Use a tile

Use a red brick. Place the knife near the knife on the surface of the tile and slide the blade over the tile as if you want to cut a dainty layer, making sure that the entire edge of the knife extends from the base to the tip, Repeat this procedure on each side several times, or until it is sharp enough for you.


To avoid injury, your pocket should be as sharp as it is needed. When sharpening your pocket knife always follow some safety precautions.  To keep your pocket knife useful always, check its dullness. Hopefully, with this article you will not find it expensive to sharpen your knife. You don’t have to by an expensive sharpening stone such as TATARA | Knife Sharpening Stone that cost 30 USD. It is clear that you can some things around free as highlighted in this article.

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