How to Use a Spinning Reel – Beginners Guide Like a Pro

Many fishers find themselves gambling with fishing gears whenever they get out to fish. The normal sequence for most people is to step up to the spinning reel. Actually, these kinds of reels open up an entire world of fishing methods. Learning how to use this equipment is not that easy. In this article, we shall learn the ways on how to use a spinning reel.

The spinning reel is also called open face reel. It sits right under the rod and they have a set spool. That implies that it cannot revolve. The name originates from the rotor that usually spins and swings around the spool.

The spool is designed such that the line comes off at an odd angle. This angle minimizes the extent of casts that can be acquired in comparison with bait casters. More so, the general design, which includes the layout of the gear, lessens the gear ratio matched with bait casters.

Parts of the spinning reel

The fundamental components of a spinning reel comprise of:

​✔ The reel foot- sets in the reel seat of the rod and keeps the reel in position

✔ The main body- holds the gear system (internal)

✔ Rotor

✔ Spool

✔ Line roller

✔ Bail

✔ Arm

✔ Drag adjustment dial

✔ Grip knob

The casting

The first thing to know is using your index finger to pull the line above the bail. The line should also be pulled above the line roller and brought back. Use the other hand to open up the bail so that the line can move without any friction.

If you have cast any other rod and reel, you apply it here as well. At the time of release, just release the line right from your index finger. With a spinning reel, you do not have to apply a lot of pressure on the spool since it is fixed. Basically, the line will stop moving away from the spool when the lure touches the water.

Working the drag

What mechanism does spinning reel use?

Spinning reels employ a piled drag system comprising of washers of different materials. Accordingly, the drag adjusted by varying the amount of stress put by these washers on the given spool. To adjust the drag, a dial that is on top of the spool is used. The dial normally faces out towards the tip of the pole.

The effects of turning the dial

​☑️ Twisting the dial in the clockwise direction will stiffen the stress of the washer. Consequently, that makes the line hard to pull off your spool.

☑️ Turning the dial anticlockwise will reduce the pressure resulting in the opposite result.

Why should you master the drag setting while spinning a reel?

Some statistics indicate that many line breaks are caused by inappropriate use of the drag settings. Certainly, you need to be more skilful with the drag settings especially at the time of a fight. Additionally, you should be conscious of the setting prior to pinning up on a fish. This is because that will make you more effective fisher with fewer line breaks.

Dealing with the line twist issues

Dealing with the problem of line twist is essential when using a spinning reel. But what precisely causes the line twist? Unavoidably, the angle in which the line gets off the fixed spool is what causes this. Again the bail as well as the rotor configuration other factors that contribute to the line twist.

The line twist combined with loose line ultimately results in undesired and damaging tangles. The worst being when the line wraps about the spool and nearly everywhere on the reel.

So is there a way you can minimize the number of line twists with the spinning reel?

Luckily, there are at least three methods that you can use to help you reduce the amount of the twists.

​1. Spooling your line- As you spool your line, ensure that you check how it is set by the manufacturer. Set it such that it goes in the direction that it was initially set on the spool of line

2. Ensure that your line is firm- this applies after manually closing the bail when you are done with casting. Always try to give some quick reels using a tight line.

3. Occasionally change your line- change your line after a number of outing or some months of line resting in the garage.


A spinning reel gives you a lot of adaptabilities in different fishing methods. They are comparably easy to use. However, there are some flaws and some confusion that come with applying this type of reel. Hopefully, this article has shade some light on various reels about a spinning reel including some basics about it. Subsequently, you will have an easy work next time you will be using one.

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