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Fishing is a very popular outdoor recreational activity. Fishing as a hobby is common among the older generation but it would interest you to know that over 60% of the participants in 2015 were under 45. For you to start fishing professionally or as a hobby purchasing the equipment needed is one of the things required but it does not end there. Keep reading to find out more about how to use a fishing pole to fish effectively.

Steps on how to use a fishing pole

If you just bought your new fishing equipment, here is how to get started.

1. Choose a Suitable Lure

Lures are very good because they avoid a mess when compared to bait alive. They are also immersed in so much water. Also, they are very efficient in getting specific types of fishes. Lures can be caught on debris but it should be used according to the kind of fish and the conditions of the water.

Choose the lure suitable with the following principles.

  • Spinners are good. They produce a spinning action which quivers
    in any water that is foggy.
  • Spoons create a side by side wobble when it is retrieved to
    mimic an injured prey fish. The swift nature of
    the wobble makes it differ so you can apply the most suitable one for you.
  • Flies are another type of lures that act that insects moving across the water surface. It takes some skills using this lure to attract
    fishes. The ones which are most skilled are the
  • Jig lures because you will have to cast it out and be patient till it gets to the bottom of the sea before retrieving it to causing a foray movement.
  • Plastic baits which are soft are meant to look like live bait.

Fishing lure

Whatever form the plastic bait looks like, it’s what the movement of the critter will mimic.

2. Using an Arbor Knot

It will be required for you knot the reel with the line. You would need to while you have added a lure. After you tie your fly, hook using an improved clinch, unit or Palomar knots.

The utilization of the tag to the line, the knotting of the arbor apparatus should wrap around the tail of the spool. After which you use the knot at the standing parts tag end. Repeat the same process once more. Tag the end some inches away so that the first knot would slide down the spool while you draw up the part of the line
standing to stop the other knot.

For you to trim the line, we have to ensure the end of the tag is closed. For the uni-knot, make sure your hook close to the standing line when you double back. Then create a loop by laying the end of the tag adjacent
to the double line.

Move the tag end six times around the thicker line than through the loop. To ensure tugs are snug, draw up the
end of the tag.

Then to finish up, thrust the knot downwards to the eyes

3. Bait the fishing line

The size of hook that you would use is dependent on the size of fish you wish to catch. To get started, you need to put a thread on the hook and pass it via the bait at where 2 points ensuring that it does not fall off. Place hook just above the head and through the thick part of the body.

4. Cast your line out

This is another simple step to know when learning how to use a fishing pole. You have to consider the location
and the weather conditions of the place before you cast out. There are several techniques to it but it would take practice to make your cast efficient.

You must plan to achieve do the following:

Use a pitch when you want to throw at about 10 yards range. Allow the line to slack a bit and put place the rod up. Use your hand that is free to grab the lure then employ your hand that is dominant hold the button on the reel. Ensure that you keep your line extended bringing the lure back and keep the rod at the top.

In a swooping action, put up rod end to lure from your hand which is not so active. the line should be gradually reduced by your thumb so you don’t end up going past the distance you planned.

A cast overhead utilized when you want to use plenty of distance. Push down the button of the casted reel with thumb and gradually return the rod with your thumb. Forcefully forward rod as you remove your thumb.
Don’t allow the line tangle by slowing your spool.

5.Reel in the fish

There are various reels available in the market; however, there are 3 fundamental reels you should look out for. The names of the reels are bait caster, spinning, and spin caster reel.

Although in most cases, many people start first with the spin caster. This reel has got a push-button which helps you focus on your casting method. The Spinning reel comes with an open-face with the rod parallel to the spools of line.

It’s more efficient in cases of casting jerk baits, drop-shot rigs, and light crankbaits. The bait caster is another reel that also has a push-button which gives you full control when is locked immediately it’s pushed down. It allows the use of your thumb while holding the spool in controlling the lure’s speed. It works better when fishing in the thick water.



Now that you know the best method on how to use a fishing pole, all you need to do is put in more practice in order to reduce the time you will spend on getting your lures out of the wrong places.

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