Ice Fishing Time of Day

One thing about ice fishing is that it can be a very slow game of waiting.  There are often times when you spend a lot of time freezing and little time catching anything, so it is best if you know the best time to go ice fishing so that you will freeze less and catch more.

Fishing During Light

Some fishermen believe that it is best to go fishing when there is enough light to reach through the ice into the water.  Depending on what species of fish that you are ice fishing for, depends on what time of the day that you would get the best results.

Some fish are much more active during the middle of the day like fish such as:

  • Perch
  • Whitefish
  • Pike

If you choose to go in the middle of the day to find these fish, you will have much more success than if you go early or in the evening.

Other fish such as walleye are most active when it is just getting daylight or when it is just starting to get dark.  It is important that you know what you are hoping to catch before you make the decision on when to go.

Dawn and Dusk

Many fishermen feel that fishing in the early morning right when the sun rises is the best time of the day to ice fish.  Since the light is just starting to hit the water, many of the fish become active and hungry and this is a great time to catch a lot of fish.

Even though in the early morning, there might be less fish, this is a time where bigger fish come to the surface of the ice to eat.

During the evening when it is starting to get dark, many fishermen feel that this is the time when most of the fish come out and when fishing lasts the longest with the most action.

Moon Rise

Knowing when the moon rises, and sets is another important tip for ice fishing.  Just like understanding the sun rising and falling, knowing when the moon rises, and falls is just as important.

If you can be on the ice an hour before the moon rises or sets, chances are that you will catch more fish.

Getting Ready

It is important if you are going to do dawn and dusk ice fishing that you are prepared, even up to the night before.  If you are fumbling around and trying to dig holes right before it is time to fish, there is a chance that you will scare the fish away and your morning or evening fishing experience will be a bust.

Prepare and get ready the night before by having holes already dug out.  If you are prepared and you just have to show up, catching fish will be much more enjoyable.


Ice fishing can be a great experience as long as you know the best time of the day to go ice fishing.  Be sure to research what kind of fish you want to catch and what area you are fishing at so that you can get the best results.

Never be afraid to look online to see when the best times in your specific area are to ice fish and always take advice from other fishermen!

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