How to Stay Warm When Fishing in Cold Winter Weather

Tips for Staying Warm While Fishing in Cold Weather

Fishing can be the experience of a lifetime, but when it gets colder and wetter, fishing can become an unenjoyable mess.  If you are unprepared for cold weather fishing, now is a chance to learn how to stay warm and to make your trip both enjoyable and successful!

Doing What You Love

Even though the weather might begin to get colder and wetter, do not let your fishing season come to a complete halt.  Ice fishing or cold weather fishing can be just as enjoyable as fishing during the summer or spring, as long as you are prepared.  Do not give up what you love just because the cold weather sets in.

Layering Clothes

One of the most important things to do when you want to cold weather fish is to wear layers.  Layers can help you to be warm and cozy and one of the most important things is that if you get too warm, all you have to do is remove a layer.  Then, you can add the layer back when you get cooler again. 

When you choose to go cold weather fishing, do not worry about taking too many clothes or laying too much.  It is always better to have too many than to not wear enough.  If you find that you have worn too many layers, just take off a layer or two, fold them up and put them in a dry bag so that you can put them back on layer when the sun goes down or the temperature drops more.

Your Trunk Body 

It is important to make sure that you are able to keep the heat in on the areas of your bodies that will help to keep the rest of your body warm.  Covering your body from the top of your shoulders down to your knees is an important part of keeping warm in cold weather fishing. 

Make sure that you have clothing that can be tucked in so that air and coldness does not get to your body and that your clothing is able to keep the heat trapped in. 


One of the main parts of your body to help keep heat in is through your head.  Make sure that you have a hat such as a mask or some type of covering that can cover your head, ears and even your face if the wind is blowing and the temperature is really chilling.

Keeping your head covered can help to keep the heat in your body.

Hands and Feet

Wearing warm gloves and socks will help to make sure that you are not only protected, but that you are warm and comfortable.  No one wants to have stinging fingers and toes.  No fishing trip is enjoyable if you are losing feeling in your toes or fingers because the weather is so cold.  Make sure to buy gloves and socks that are waterproof in case you get wet.  Wearing wet gloves when the temperature is cold is worse than having nothing on at all.

You can also bring along hand warmers to put in your gloves or your socks, just in case you are extra cold. 


Make sure that you have boots or shoes that are warm and comfortable and that keep the heat in.  You will want to make sure that your boots or shoes are waterproof and insulated if you choose to do something like ice fishing.


Some clothing that you can put on to help keep you warm includes:

  • Fleece
  • Sweatpants
  • Jeans
  • Pullover
  • Sweatshirt
  • Polyester
  • Long Johns
  • Windbreaker
  • Snow Jacket
  • Snow Pants
  • Bibs


Staying warm during a cold ice fishing trip is very important.  Be sure to find clothing that is warm, made of dry material and that can help to keep sweat and moisture off of your body.  Remember to layer and to be prepared for the weather to get colder and the temperature to drop.  Staying warm will make all of the difference in the success that you have on your fishing trip.

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