What is a Trolling Motor? You Should Know if You Newbie

You might be wondering what is a trolling motor? A trolling motor is a unit that contains an electric motor, controls, and a propeller and is normally affixed to an angler’s boat at the stern or at the bow. However, a gasoline-powered outboard if not the main source of propulsion and used in trolling could be referred to as a trolling motor. Trolling motors are fixed a little bit above the water in order to reduce a drag effect when operating the boat’s main engine.

Uses of a trolling motor:

1. Game fishing.

A trolling motor used for game fishing is normally a secondary means of
propulsion. It is fixed on the transom along with the main outboard motor. It
can also be fixed on a bracket for effective support.

2.Accurate maneuvering

The secondary source of power for accurate maneuvering. This is important to help the angler cast his or
her baits where the fish are located. A trolling motor designed for this
purpose is normally fixed on the bow.

Design of trolling motors:

Electric trolling motors. These are modern motors designed at 12V, 24 V, and 36V brushed DC electric motor. This design takes advantage of the 12V deep cycle battery that is mainly available for marine applications. The onderTrol model of Shakespeare could operate on a 6V or a 12V battery. The electric motor is housed within a watertight hamber at the edge of the shaft and mostly submerged during operation to minimize cases of overheating.

Troling motors

Gasoline powered motors. These are small motors used for trolling on boats with large engines that do not operate quietly or efficiently at high trolling speeds. Gasoline-powered motors come with a manual pull-start system, a gear
shift control, and a throttle fixed on the motor’s body. They also come with a tiler for steering, but for trolling, it is connected to the steering system at the helm.troling motors

Types of trolling motors:

Trolling motors are of two types.

1. Transom mount motors.

These motors are designed to be installed at the back. The motor is simply clamped on the stern of the boat and works with any craft style.

2. Bow mount trolling motors.

These motors are mounted at the front of the boat,
and you must have adequate space before installation. You need a bracket or a plate to mount the housing as well as a flat-bottomed platform from where to fish. A bow mount motor provides for excellent maneuverability along with
better control allowing you to fish easily and efficiently. A bow mount motor
increases maneuverability by its pull action on the boat through the water as
opposed to the pushing action of the transom motor. If your boat is 14 feet
large or more, go for the bow-mount motor.

Advantages of foot-control

  1. Easy to operate
  2. Can be applied anywhere on the boat

Advantages of hand control

1. You have a real-time response

2. No clutter

Additional features on trolling Motors

1. On-site battery meter

Some trolling motors are now being designed with battery gauges on the housing or on the head of the system. A battery gauge allows you to easily check the amount of charge remaining in the battery, making it a no brainer to determine when to charge the battery and estimate fishing time

2. Self-directional motors

This an interesting feature that allows for a total foot and hands-free operation. The motor also follows shorelines and predetermined depth contours on its own. The motor will as well steer in a straight line in case the winds are howling.

3. Digital displays

Advanced trolling motors now come with digital screens to display speed and depth. Although these models come at an extra cost, this technology will allow you to fish more.

Trolling motors take fishing to a whole new level. The perfect operation control and fishing in inaccessible regions while maintaining a silent approach suitable for accessing more fish for the experiment. In addition, silent operation adds more enjoyment. Do your homework well. Take each of these trolling models on a test while paying attention to every detail. That way, you will be able to choose a model that fits you perfectly.

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