What is the Best Tasting Saltwater Fish to Eat?

Seafood is not only packed with vitamins and omega-3s but is also very tasty. The problem with eating saltwater fish is that there are so many options. Obviously the best fish is going to be fresh. If you can't catch the fish yourself, find a local fish market or restaurant that sells fresh fish. Many people enjoy different tastes, so we have covered most of the best saltwater fish to eat in this article.

Top Rated Best Tasting SaltWater Fish to Buy or Catch

This list only covers saltwater fish. If you are interested in eating freshwater fish then we suggest trying catfish or salmon. These are two of the most popular and widely enjoyed. Below are the popular and best tasting saltwater fish:

Red Snapper

red snapper fish fillet

Snapper is a delicacy of the Gulf of Mexico. These fish can often be found at a local fish market (if you are near the coast) and are my personal favorite. The reason these fish are so good is because of their "fall off the bone" taste. The meat is firm enough to stay together but falls apart easily with a fork while eating. The meat is white and healthy. Add a little lemon juice, salt, and pepper and thats all you need. Snapper can be fried, grilled, or cooked in a pan (grilling a fillet is the best).


Amberjack is another bottom feeding fatty fish that is similar to red snapper. This fish fillet has a little less texture and a little more seafood taste. For those who want a happy medium of fresh tasting fish with seafood taste this is the best option. Like snapper and many of the other fish on this list, amberjack is normally caught every day and can be purchased same day at a fish market. Amberjack can be fried, grilled, or cooked in a pan.


Grouper is normally the most expensive type of fish to eat; but for a good reason. grouper has a thick, white meat that is perfect for any type of seafood lover. This fish is harder to catch because fishermen have to travel miles out. This is part of the reason it is more expensive.  Grouper can be cooked with many different spices and is perfect to eat by itself, on a sandwich, or in a pasta. It can be fried, grilled, or cooked in a pan.


Swordfish is another great saltwater fish to eat. Some call this fish the "stead of the ocean." The meat for this fish is dense and filling. Swordfish can also be cooked in a skillet, grilled, or fried. The best way to eat this fish is from a skillet with spices and lemon juice to bring out the fresh taste.


Cod is is one of the leanest saltwater fishes in the ocean. It is a great source of protein, vitamins, and omega-3s. Many people think cod is the fish version of chicken. Not only is this fish healthy and lean, it does not have a strong seafood taste. 

Tuna Fish

There are several different types of tuna that can be eaten. Aside from cooking tuna, you can also buy sushi grade tuna and eat it raw. With a little soy sauce, this serves for a tasty appetizer. Here are the most common types of tuna to eat:


Raw tuna steak

Raw tuna steak on wooden cutboard

Bluefin tuna is arguably the most popular type of tuna. Bluefin has a little more fat and thus offers more taste and flavor. Tuna meat is a dark red color and is the same type of fish that is found in sushi. It is harder to get this fish fresh in the US because it is caught in the pacific ocean - therefor it is more expensive. This fish is also the largest. Bluefin can be baked, grilled, or skillet cooked. 

Yellowfin (Ahi Tuna)

Yellowfin tuna is another great tasting fish. This type of fish will taste very similar to Bluefin but is offered at a more affordable price. Yellowfin is often found in a local fish market or grocery store. Yellowfin can be grilled, fried, or cooked on a pan, or baked. 

Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi’s has a pinkish white colored fish meat that is a favorite of seafood lovers. Mahi Mahi is perfect for a sandwich or steak. The fish tastes similar to tuna and swordfish and does not have a strong seafood taste like grouper. Mahi Mahi can be grilled, fried, or cooked on a pan, or baked. 


There are many types of saltwater fish to eat. Some are meaty, some are flaky, some have a seafood taste, and some can be eaten raw. Thats why seafood is so great, there is something for every type of person. Find your pick for the best saltwater fish to eat and you will not be disappointed. 

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