What Size Trolling Motor Do I Need? Get The Right Size Trolling Motor

Standing among the most important pieces of boat equipment is an electric trolling motor. In spite of the fact that it can be used, their main reason for existence is for tool space, or for work structure.

size of trolling motor

When you are looking for a trolling motor, there are several factors to consider. The first is the size/control. You will need to prove that your motor vehicle truck is not managed, oversized in this situation will be better.

Keep in mind that fiberglass fluid is much higher than aluminum. Therefore the 17 ‘�’ feet of wheels, motor and 60 lbs of pressure (or more) will be good – but at 17 ‘� foot
aluminum tool, 50 lbs of push (or more) would not be done.

Other different factors to consider when determining the size of electric vehicles will be better, you think of the type of fishing you will do. If you are using your electric car in
the state of the river with a serious problem and flow – or weather conditions or high wind conditions, you need to be enhanced by electrical light in mind the ultimate goal of combating the problem with the flow.

Shaft length

Another important factor to consider is the length of your pole on your electric tariff motor. If your pole height is short, when you find wind and wavy conditions, your prop will
always bounce inside and out of the water, with every wave. (taking your electric power supply is a bow mountain)

If your pole is temporary, the propeller can not get enough bite inside the water. If long it
may be an issue in anonymous areas by shooting a base. The more reason they should influence your decision will be the shape of the body, the longitudinal bow or length and what number of people and the big fish from the plane.

In addition to the fact that this is awesome for your electric vehicles (ie it is not recommended that your electric motor should be done out of eating), you will still lose control of the instrument. Electric cars and shallow shaft can be extremely dangerous
to get and get, but most of all doubt have a good environment.

How your bow’s bow will be on the water, it must also be considered. The bowl of the pontoon bass stays close to the water, so usually, the short shaft on your electric motor can be o’clock. Whereas as a “large V” pontoon, as a teaspoon vessel, it will stay up on the water and since a short time shafted electric trolling motor is important.


If you have a choice between 24 volts and 12 volts, the edge should be expected to go 24-volt displays. The difference between the two models is that the 12-volt model will use a large-scale battery, though the volt 24 will use 2 large batteries.

The highest voltage of the volt voltage 24 volt instead of giving more power, it’s a simple fact that it will last not less than twice a long time. There is nothing worse than running through the power line through your fishing day. Especially if you’re fishing competition!

Without the right to push your tool will not go to a worst or bad place. Because a large number of factors can affect your craftsmanship to implement a guide to rely on is to
find one that might seem damaged by your pontoon.

Under the big motor is that you need more battery so a 12-volt system is the most expensive to buy. Be
so as it may be that it does not continue to insist that the volt 24 or 36-volt system will provide. Usually, the top 12-volt pilot volt for water under 18 feet is satisfactory.

What the mount is

trolling motor

The size and type of pontoon you have will help determine whether it is a transom or trilling mount pillow you need. Normally with small art under 14th foot, the car is set for
transom functions admirably. With a great watercraft or good mount operation, you should have an opportunity in advance where you can adjust the area of residence.


It is in this important way to do a sharp research before buying a trolling motor to the kayak. It will manage this tool and will also help you find more fish.

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